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    Alabama-based Duo Shaheed, DJ Supreme Drop Single “Skates and Crates”

    Alabama-based duo Shaheed and DJ Supreme recently released their stunning new single, “Skates and Crates.” This shows how artistically enveloped these two are when it comes to authentic music-making that presents itself with an energetic vibe and inspires its listeners.

    “Skates and Crates” is a song that dives into the skateboarding and DJing culture of crate digging, inspired by hip-hop. It’s made up of a smooth, playful soundscape that perfectly blends an excellent array of Shaheed’s laidback smooth flow and heartfelt lyrics. 

    The visuals capture the parks where skaters practice and the shops where they get their gear. The visuals exceed expectations, immersing viewers in action, accompanied by captivating production by DJ Supreme.

    Stream “Skates and Crates” on Spotify 

    Stay connected with Shaheed and DJ Supreme: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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