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    Adrien Broner Withdraws From Fight with Omar Figueroa Aug. 20th

    Sadly, like many people, it appears Boxer Adrien Broner is struggling with mental issues. He’s resigning from the fight that was scheduled for August 20th. While the fighter has found the success he’s also struggled over the past years. Unfortunately, he’s more known for his antics over his actual fighting abilities as of late. However, many other fighters stood by him and respect his decision on prioritizing his health.

    Adrien Broner’s Announcement

    Broner released a statement via Twitter addressing the situation and hoping any understand. In fact, famous boxer Ryan Garcia commented on Broner’s stance and supports him wholeheartedly, according to TMZ Sports. Just a few months prior, Garcia also shared the same sentiment and he also backed out of the fight and received tons of backlash as well.

    “I’m facing challenges right now, but I won’t give up. I’ve set new goals, and I won’t stop until I achieve what I’ve started. However, I regret to inform you that I won’t be fighting on August 20,” Broner shared on Instagram, along with the following caption (edited for readability).

    “I apologize to all my fans, but mental health is a serious matter, and I won’t be participating in the fight.”I’ve witnessed too many lives lost in the pursuit of a boxing career, and I refuse to put myself in that position.”Please keep me in your prayers. I have a deep passion for boxing, and I’m determined to give it my all. In the past, I fell short because my focus wasn’t completely there, and I refuse to repeat that mistake.

    I’ve won world titles in four weight classes, and even if I never step into the ring again, I believe I’ll be honored in the Boxing Hall of Fame. … SEE YALL SOON.”

    Gervonta Davis Doesn’t Agree with Adrien Broner’s Decision

    Gervonta Davis who many believe may have been lining up to fight Broner sooner than later will be prolonged. These two also have had words in the past that weren’t friendly so Davis is a mentee of Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Adrien Broner and Mayweather haven’t seen eye to eye since 2016!

    In fact, he offered Mayweather a boxing match in or outside of the ring. Meaning, that this appears to be personal between them. Now, that Davis is linked to Mayweather this may cause more tension going down the road. However, he doesn’t believe in much of Broner’s situation and believes overall he’s a weak-minded individual and expressed that via Twitter.


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