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    Aaron Hernandez’ Ex Fiancée Wastes Daughter’s Trust Fund

    Aaron Hernandez’s ex fiancée has been charged with misusing funds from a trust fund set up for the late NFL star’s kid. The Boston Globe claims that David Schwartz, an attorney in charge of the trust, made the accusations.

    Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, said she couldn’t pay the bill for her daughter’s dancing lessons. Despite the lessons costing $10,697, Shayanna should have had more than enough to pay for them. Jenkins-Hernandez then requested that David Schwartz, another trustee, use funds from Avielle’s trust fund to settle the payment. Schwartz declined, though.

    He said Jenkins-Hernandez was already drawing at least $150,000 annually from Hernandez’s NFL pension. Additionally, Avielle received Social Security benefits that were supposed to cover her daily needs. The trustee was baffled as to why Jenkins-Hernandez would require more cash. He then made the decision to review her spending history.

    What Schwartz reportedly found

    Jenkins-Hernandez reportedly spent $36,858 on apparel and pregnancy wear, $25,577 in online shopping, $39,347 on home items, and $11,792 was spent on “self care,” including gym memberships, trips to hair and nail salons, and other similar expenses.

    Robert O’Regan, a lawyer for Schwartz, had this to say on the matter.

    There is reason to question whether the expenditures were for Avielle’s benefit. To be fair, this little girl should have a decent life with what her father left for her. No one would complain if there were reasonable expenses. We’re talking about over-the-top or otherwise unrelated expenses to Avielle.

    Jenkins-Hernandez is currently fighting with Schwartz to keep the money in her control. Aaron Hernandez, as The Shade Room previously reported, was discovered in 2017 hanging from his cell. The disgraced New England Patriots player was in jail following the murder of Odin Lloyd in 2013. He had just been exonerated in a different murder case at the time.

    Jenkins-Hernandez requested the removal of Schwartz as trustee after he refused to use the trust fund funds to pay for Avielle’s dance class. She claimed that he was possibly pressuring the child to give up her favorite extracurricular activity. The mother insists that she hasn’t spent money improperly, and that it needs to be accessible to her at all times.

    The mother sent The Boston Globe an exclusive comment.

    Since Aaron’s death, my sole focus has been on raising and providing as stable a life for my children as possible. All monies I have spent have been with this singular focus in mind, and this will continue to be my focus going forward.


    Schwarts is adamant about the mother’s delinquency, and requests that her role as Avielle’s conservator be terminated. Hernandez’s pension and Social Security benefits would be under the authority of a new conservator if the mother loses this battle.

    Jenkins-Hernandez, has no current reported employment, yet has been able to accumulate costs like ATM withdrawals and bank fees totaling over $40,000, and $4,800 in Harrods Department Store charges.

    Aaron Hernandez’s ex-fiancée Ex fiancee, Jenkins-Hernandez claimed to have spent almost $40,000 on schooling, which is what really alarmed Schwartz that something was off. Reportedly, $3,720 payment was made to Bay Path University, a private college in Western Massachusetts… though Avielle is not enrolled in college.

    Jenkins-Hernandez allegedly spent an additional $12,830 on an expenditure titled “Ask My Accountant,” according to Schwartz. She and her attorney declined to elaborate on the specifics of the expense.

    Jenkins, according to Schwartz’s counsel, should be fired from her position as conservator of her daughter’s trust assets. When Avielle turns 25, she will be qualified to receive the money. The trust’s balance is presently $700,000.

    I believe that (Jenkins-Hernandez) has been co-mingling the child’s funds with her own. I believe that Ms. Jenkins-Hernandez’s ongoing conflict, her almost five-year-long record of excessive expenditures, continuous violation of this court’s decree… and her failure to file an inventory and up to date accounts all indicate that despite what might be her best intentions, Ms. Jenkins-Hernandez is not effectively performing her duties as conservator.


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