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    A$AP Rocky Could Be In Prison For Years

    A$AP Rocky could be locked away for years, if he’s convicted of assault and shooting a person.
    A$AP Rocky, aka Rakim Mayers, is facing felony charges after allegedly shooting his former friend in Hollywood last November. The rapper – who’s currently in his third trimester with his pregnant girlfriend Rihanna – is scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday (August 17).
    As detailed by Rolling Stone, Rocky has been accused of committing two counts of firearm assault, allegedly involving an incident where he pointed a gun at his close high school friend Terell Ephron, also recognized as A$AP Relli. The incident occurred in a bar near Vista Del Mar and Selma Avenue, according to LAPD, who say the pair had an argument before the shooter drew his weapon and fired twice at Ephron.
    According to TMZ, Rocky was apprehended at Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday following communication from police investigators at the LAPD’s Robbery-Homicide Division regarding the incident. He secured his release by posting bail, which amounted to $550,000.
    While this isn’t the first time the Harlem rapper has had run-ins with the law, it is his most serious. In July of 2019 he was arrested for assault in Stockholm, Sweden, after an altercation with two men. The incident sparked outrage across the Internet with celebrities like Travis Scott, Tyler the Creator and G-Eazy coming out in support of Rocky.
    After a month in jail, Rocky was convicted of assault and ordered to pay $1,270 in damages. The case was also the subject of a public campaign on social media calling for Rocky’s release.
    It’s unclear what caused the alleged shooting, but it’s possible that the victim was drunk and had no idea that Rocky had a gun. The rapper reportedly told police that he fired his weapon in self-defense, according to a court record obtained by XXL.
    He drew the gun from his bag and fired it toward Ephron, prosecutors say. As a result of the incident, the victim suffered minor injuries and promptly sought medical treatment.
    As a result of the shooting, Ephron filed a civil suit against Rocky. The lawsuit claims that the rapper lured Ephron to an unknown location to discuss a disagreement between them.
    The rapper drew his weapon without warning or provocation and “shot multiple times” at Ephron, according to the lawsuit. The rapper has also received a number of death threats and his career has suffered as a result of the incident.
    Rocky could, reportedly, face up to 8 years in prison if he’s found guilty of both the assault and the firearm charges. In the state of California, engaging in assault with a firearm constitutes a felony offense, with a minimum sentence of six months.
    This is a very serious situation, but it won’t stop Rihanna from continuing to focus on her pregnancy. She’s expected to give birth any day now, so she has a lot to think about.
    As for her boyfriend, if he’s found guilty of the charges, he’ll be locked up for a while, according to Lara Yeretsian, who represents Rocky in Los Angeles. She tells Hollywood Life that it’s likely the DA’s office will file the charges in the next few weeks and that this will take up the first few court dates.

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