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    A Surprise Documentary About Drake Just Released on Netflix

    But before you go fumbling around for the remote, you should know that this Netflix special is not accessible to everyone.

    HotNewHipHop reports that the documentary entitled Drake: Rewriting the Rules, is streaming only in Canada and select commonwealth countries. And according to the doc description, it will cover the topics of Drake‘s rise to fame, and his undeniable ability to shake things up. And if you recall, he is ready to take on Las Vegas with a whopping 10 million residency deal! Here’s a sample clip you can watch.

    The director is Ray Louis, and he cut a few corners when making this doc. Drake doesn’t even appear in the documentary. And as for any of his music, there’s none. Apparently, no one knew Louis was even making a Drake inspired documentary. It just suddenly appeared on Netflix’s lineup. However, according to MTL Blog, those who’ve seen it can’t get enough of seeing the 6 God.

    The documentary covers Drake’s humble beginnings as child growing up in Canada, before showing his development into a television and music star. If you want to watch, all you have to do is have a Netflix account, and reside in either Canada or another commonwealth approved- country. Until then, leave a comment telling us what you think. Is Drake worthy of a documentary just yet? Use our comment section to share your thoughts.

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