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    50 Cent Heading Into Mediation in His $1 Billion Power Lawsuit With Ex-Drug Lord

    50 Cent has reached the mediation stage in his $1 billion power lawsuit with ex-drug lord. According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, Corey “Ghost” Holland Sr. claims that he appeared twice at the rapper’s home in 2021 to try and settle the matter outside of court.

    It’s been two years since the alleged drug lord filed his suit against Fif, Kemp, and the STARZ network, but it looks like they’re finally getting to work. They’re scheduled to meet for mediation in May.

    What Happened in Court?

    Rapper 50 Cent is once again facing legal trouble – this time, it’s from a former drug lord who says his hit series ‘Power’ was based on him. The rapper and showrunner Courtney Kemp are being sued for $1 billion by Cory “Ghost” Holland Sr.

    In 2021, Holland filed a lawsuit against 50 Cent, Courtney Kemp and the STARZ network, alleging that seven seasons of Power and the first two seasons of Power Book II: Ghost were based on his life. According to the lawsuit, he sent a CD called Blasphemy to Kemp’s dad in 2007.

    The CD contains an autobiographical song where Holland raps about his time as a drug dealer-turned-drug lord. He also raps about his love for a Puerto Rican woman and learning from her white drug trafficking partner that she’s working with law enforcement.

    While the case has been moving along behind the scenes for years, it’s now heading into mediation, as AllHipHop reports. The suit claims that 50 Cent showed up twice at his home in 2021, and each time, he attempted to confront him.

    During their second encounter, the men in the truck came to his home carrying weapons and prepared to confront him, according to the lawsuit. However, security prevented them from attempting to confront him.

    Fif and Kemp’s Response

    Fif and Kemp are heading into mediation in May to try to resolve a $1 billion power lawsuit filed by an ex-drug lord who believes 50 Cent and his TV production partner Courtney Kemp stole his life story for their hit series Power. According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, Corey “Ghost” Holland Sr. claims that 50 Cent and Kemp showed up to his home twice in July or August 2021 looking for a confrontation.

    After the second visit, Holland said security prevented him from confronting Fif and Kemp at his house. That’s when the rapper reportedly sent goons to intimidate him.

    Fortunately, the judge found that Fif and Kemp’s legal team did not have a strong enough case to proceed with their claim. That’s because they missed the one-year statute of limitations under New York law, which means that the suit was filed more than a year after the show ended and therefore should have been dismissed.

    The ruling comes at a good time for Fif and Kemp, who are looking to turn September into a very positive month for their show. The Starz drama’s fourth season wrapped up on September 3 with very strong numbers. But the dismissal of a copyright infringement and fraud case has turned it into a win for the show as well.

    Fif’s Response to Fif’s Response

    Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, a former rap star and one of the wealthiest hip-hop artists in history, has filed for bankruptcy and sunk his fortune in legal fees. The rapper, who was once worth $155 million, lost a massive amount of money in several court cases and hasn’t been the same since.

    In a recent podcast interview, 50 said that he’s spent over $23 million on lawyers and other legal fees since he first broke into the industry in 2003 with his debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin’. According to HotNewHipHop, he’s now being sued by an ex-drug lord for $1 billion dollars.

    The man suing 50, Corey Holland, alleges that the STARZ show Power and its spinoffs are based on his life. His attorneys claim that 50 is trying to cash in on the success of his STARZ series by attempting to steal Holland’s intellectual property and extort him for $1 billion.

    In an interesting response, Fif pulled a prank on a few of his enemies. He claimed that Power producer Randall Emmett owed him $1 million and then demanded that he receive his money by the first work day of the week.

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