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    21 Savage Gets Into A Heated Exchange On Clubhouse

    Despite the social media app Clubhouse‘s decline in popularity post pandemic, 21 Savage still uses it frequently. The 30-year-old Atlanta rapper and recently got into a dispute on the platform.

    In real life, n***a. It’s real life!

    Watch the video of the argument below:

    21 Savage On Clubhouse #21savage #clubhouse

    — Zero Dropped Frames (@zdframes) January 16, 2023

    You’ve been waiting for this moment your entire life, just to argue with someone on Clubhouse. You’re allowing these individuals from Chicago to boost your ego, as if they aren’t facing real-life struggles. It’s time to stop playing around.

    The incident, which was captured on audio, featured the “A lot” rapper arguing with a 21-year-old and a person from Chicago. The heated debate went viral on Monday (January 16).

    Every person we have conflicts with, 30 of their associates face consequences, while nothing happens to us.

    Although the topic of their argument isn’t mentioned in the one minute footage, the “Bank account” rapper concludes the clip with a death threat for the opposing side.

    Hey Cap, since you’re from Chicago, I suggest you keep quiet, because the people I associate with there are handling things aggressively. So stop fooling around. You’re not accomplishing anything, and you’ll face consequences.

    Should 21 Savage be feeding into and spreading all this negative energy? Is he setting a good example for his young, impressionable fans? Are “A Lot” and “Bank Account” his only good songs? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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