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    10 Funny Tweets From the Golden Globes Ceremony

    Like every year, the award shows produce their fair share of memes and Tweets. Here are the funniest Tweets from the Golden Globes 2023.

    Creative thirst from normies towards celebrities is always funny

    me when i see Jenna Ortega tonight at the Golden Globe awards PIC.TWITTER.COM/CSKE2RLSBX

    — garçon (@boymolish) JANUARY 10, 2023

    Celebrities thirsting over other celebrities? Quinta Brunson cutting off her own Golden Globes speech when she spotted Brad Pitt in the audience… relatable!

    “Comedy brings people together. Comedy gives us all the same laugh– hey, Brad Pitt!” [Twitter link]

    — Spencer Althouse (@SpencerAlthouse) January 11, 2023

    Overall obsession works too

    Courtney B. Vance during Angela Bassett’s speech (Obsessed)#GoldenGlobes

    — Alex Travis (@AlexAwritergirl) JANUARY 11, 2023

    This reaction to how recently released some of the nominees were

    what. thefuck was the nominations cut off date for these globes half of these movies came out 3 days ago

    — Connor 🔍👀 (@McConnortock) JANUARY 11, 2023

    This observation of a man’s suit tailored suit

    the way this suit jacket is STRAINING

    — angeline rodriguez (@gelrdrgz) JANUARY 11, 2023

    The Golden Globes host himself simply not caring

    lord grant me the ability to give as few fucks as Jerrod Carmichael

    — Chris Murphy (@christress) JANUARY 11, 2023

    This thought about Sean Penn

    Can’t imagine the violent vibe shift that must occur when Sean Penn walks in a room

    — Cody Dericks (@codymonster91) January 11, 2023

    Eddie Murphy’s disinterest in the acknowledgement of his greatness

    Eddy Murphy looking like he rather be at home on the couch watching them honor him #GoldenGlobes 😂

    — LORD 10th HOKAGE (@almondmilkpapii) JANUARY 11, 2023

    This request that I need fulfilled

    i need bars to screen awards shows the way they do football games

    — angeline rodriguez (@gelrdrgz) JANUARY 11, 2023

    How Rihanna always gets more attention than any Golden Globes winners

    It’s the way everyone keeps using the #GoldenGlobes stage as a chance to talk directly to Rihanna LOL

    — Sylvia (@SylviaObell) JANUARY 11, 2023

    What was the highlight of the Golden Globes 2023 for you? What tweet do you think deserved to make this list? let me know what you think in the comments below!

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