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    Your Tattoo Is Leaking Into Your Body’s Lymph Nodes!

    Are your lymph nodes acting up? Maybe its because your tattoo is leaking into your skin.

    A new study shows that tattoos are leaking into your body! Also, the shocking research reveals that nanoparticles from tattoo needles are moving into the body’s lymph nodes. This can show up as an allergic reaction to your new ink.

    According to research found in Particle and Fibre Toxicology, nickel and chromium can enter the body.

    To clarify, initial research in 2017 showed that pigments leak from the tattoo site and amass in the body’s lymph nodes.

    Subsequently, using powerful X-rays, researchers found tattoo needle particles were only present when coupled with pigments containing titanium dioxide — an abrasive agent commonly used in white tattoo ink.

    “We were following up on our previous study, by trying to find the link between iron, chromium and nickel and the coloring of the inks,” study author Ines Schreiver, of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in Germany revealed.

    “After studying several human tissue samples and finding metallic components, we realized that there must be something else…”

    “…Then we thought of testing the needle and that was our ‘eureka’ moment.”

    “The fact that all pigments and wear particles are deposited in lymph nodes calls for special attention to be placed on allergy development,” added Schreiver.

    “Unfortunately, today, we can’t determine the exact impact on human health…”

    “…and possible allergy development deriving from the tattoo needle wear.

    “These are long-term effects which can only be assessed in long-term epidemiological studies that monitor the health of thousands of people over decades.”

    It looks like we may want to be more careful with our ink.

    But, do not worry tattooed lovers, it could probably only poison you slowly.

    Have any thoughts on this story? Do you have any tattoos? Also, have you shown the symptoms?

    In short, leave your comments down below

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    Featured Image Credit: Fox News

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