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    Young Jeezy Honored with Champion Award for Impact on Hip-Hop and Beyond

    Young Jeezy was honored with Champion Award for their impact on hip-hop and beyond! A career is defined by moments that leave an indelible mark on an artist’s legacy. For some, one of those pivotal moments happens early on, while others may experience their defining moment much later.

    But for a select few, those defining moments are truly career-altering. That’s the case with Young Jeezy, who received a Champion Award from the Urban League of Greater Atlanta on Monday (May 28) for his impact on hip-hop and beyond.

    Young Jeezy Honored With Champion Award

    Jeezy made one legendary name for himself in the mid-2000s. He dropped a few multi-platinum albums and reached the top of several charts.

    The project marked a departure from his previous style. It instead showcased an unabashed pursuit for pop stardom. The move paid off, with the College Dropout graduating from conscious rapper to full-on mainstream superstar.

    Impact on Hip-Hop and Beyond

    In addition to his music, the MC has a lengthy list of charitable contributions that began in his teenage years. After accepting a Bible study invitation from his then-girlfriend, he embraced Christianity and sought to live for God’s glory. He said the move changed his perspective and helped him make better life choices during the Champion Award presentation.

    Jeezy also focuses on mentoring youth, and he continues to uplift young people and encourage them to stay true to themselves and follow their dreams. He has even written a book that serves as an inspirational guide. “Adversity for Sale” is due out this summer.

    Aside from being a successful entrepreneur and recording artist, Jeezy is a dedicated family. He is also a part owner of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons and in many business ventures. Jeezy also helps his community and works closely with the Urban League of Greater Atlanta.

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