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    Why The Russell Wilson Trade Won’t Guarantee The Broncos A Ring

    The Denver Broncos got off to an amazing start last season and folded, to say the least. They started the season 3-0 and ended the season with six total wins. Unfortunately, the three wins came against the Giants, Jets, and Jaguars. But the Rams humbled them in week four.  While this is a disappointing season, they have just pulled off arguably the biggest trade of the NFL 2022 offseason, per ESPN .

    The Seattle Seahawks traded away Russell Wilson and a fourth-round pick for Shelby Harris, Drew Lock, Noah Fant, two first-round picks, two second-round and a fifth-round pick. This deal was definitely a blockbuster trade. The trade has gotten many Denver Bronco fans optimistic about their potential Super Bowl chances. Since 2014 with Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning, the Broncos have struggled to compete for a championship. Here are a few reasons why they will continue to struggle going forward.

    In five years he Broncos will look back at this trade and be disappointed because of Wilson’s inconsistency, lack of playoff success, and below-average offensive line.

    Why Wilson’s inconsistency is a concern for Bronco fans

    While Wilson’s individual quarterback stats are among the elite, unfortunately, his team stats are not. For the past seven seasons, he’s only won more than 12 games once, per source. The NFC West has become one of the best divisions in football within the past couple of years. However, for the majority of Wilson’s career that division has been mediocre. Yet, he was only able to win 12 games a season, once post Super Bowl. Now joining a stacked and very talented division featuring the Chiefs, Chargers, and the Raiders.

    Many forget when he won the Super Bowl his team was predicated on defense and the running game by Marshawn Lynch. While he’s proven to be a capable quarterback he has yet to show it when it matters the most thus far in his career.

    Wilson’s lack of playoff success

    Another misconception of Wilson is his relentless winning. Many people don’t recognize  that he only won three playoff games since his last appearance in the Super Bowl. In seven seasons, he’s 3-5 in the postseason. This seems for a reason of concern is that several mediocre quarterbacks within those seven seasons have had more success in the playoffs.

    Can he survive behind the Denver Broncos offensive line?

    The Broncos still need help on the offensive line, ironically which was a huge emphasis of his beef in Seattle. Their defense is solid; however, it is considered patchwork. There are many people there just filling in spots until they can sign a marquee player. Their offensive line was pitiful in the last three seasons. Their starting QBs have always gotten hurt. The Broncos offensive line ranks 27th throughout the league out of 32 teams, according to Pro Football Focus .

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