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    Why Skye Morales Should Be On Your Radar

    If you’re at all tapped into the R&B world, you’ve probably heard of Bronx native Skye Morales. The urban recording artist has proved herself a mainstay in the music industry with unmatched prowess and drive. Morales’ discography lends itself to the edge of modern R&B to round out her own unique and memorable aesthetic to the music industry, which has undeniable garnered her critical acclaim and virality across Instagram and Spotify.

    Fast forward to 2022, Skye Morales continues to push boundaries and defy limits, as evidenced in her recent musical discography (Me Myself and You, SKYE EP) The late project see her having gone through much personal and professional growth, with real-life events and experiences inspiring each record on the EP.  When asked about her inspiration towards songwriting and finding happiness, the artist states

    My happiest days are the days that im able to spend relaxing and disconnected from the outside noise. We live in a very demanding world nowadays so I think its necessary to take personal time for myself to reset and focus on the tings that are truly important. 

    Skye has expressed her great excitement to continue to push new music this year. The long-awaited tension has us on the edge of our seats, and fans can’t wait for what she has in store. But, as always, harmonizing vocals, outstanding melodies, and gorgeous soundscapes set Skye Morales apart from the rest, proving exactly why she is a mainstay and shows no signs of slowing down this new season.

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