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    Who’s better for the Eagles, Jalen Hurts or Gardner Minshew?

    Philadelphia Eagles fans are in a frenzy after this past week. Many are questioning Jalen Hurts longevity as the starting quarterback for the Eagles. Backup Eagles quarterback Gardner Minshew suited up this past week against the New York Jets. He had an impressive game, connecting on 20 out of 25 passes for 242 yards, two touchdowns, and no turnovers. Minshew almost played a nearly perfect game, his quarterback rating reflects that. He recorded a 133.7 quarterback rating for the game.

    Now before people begin to jump the gun, we must take into consideration he performed at a high level against a fairly developing team. They’re young on all sides of the ball and haven’t been competitive for some time now. However, this doesn’t take away the fact this was Minshew’s first regular-season start since his time in Jacksonville.

    Ironically, earlier this week was the anniversary when Indianapolis Colts quarterback Carson Wentz was replaced by Hurts. However, several weeks prior the fans were calling a change like that is not the case with Hurts nor is he having his worst year. Nonetheless, the impact still seems to hold the same weight. Hurts came in and gave an explosion to the offense similar to Minshew.

    Similarities and takeaways from the Philadelphia Eagles last season

    Some lessons from that situation that may be applicable here are the Eagles are not afraid to change gears with any quarterback at any time. As Minshew lit up the Jets and successfully pulled off a victory, 33-18, it also gave the Eagles’ tight end Dallas Goedert an opportunity to play at a peak level.

    The Eagles struggle offensively due to their lack of weapons. One of their prominent weapons, Goedert, is inconsistently put in and out of the game plan. This past Sunday against the Jets, it seemed Minshew insisted Goedert get involved in the offenses. Goedert recorded six catches for 105 yards and two touchdowns. Although Minshew has done some good, many believed Goedert could do for their offense. Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni nipped any speculation of changing quarterbacks in the bud.

    “He’s played really good football when he’s in,” Sirianni said of Hurts, “so when he’s healthy and he’s back, he’ll be our starter.”

    Where is the speculation coming from?

    Hurts is coming off a three-interception performance and loss to the New York Giants. He’s been inconsistent all year in the passing game. However, he’s primarily been efficient. Hurts is completing 60% of his passes which ranks 28 overall in the NFL, according to ESPN. Overall, the offense has performed at a decent level. The Eagles offense is eight in the red zone, fifth in third-down conversions, and tenth in points per game under Hurts. He’s second amongst quarterbacks in rushing yards and from week one to seven he led the entire league in QBR (quarterback rating).

    The fair-weather fans may be causing quarterback controversy when maybe there’s no need for one. Hurts is young and developing as a quarterback in the league. The Eagles have some work to do and must continue to put talent around him. However, he must continue to improve weekly because if not Minshew is lurking in the shadows.

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