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    WATCH: OMB Peezy-“Venting Session”

    At the beginning of the video Peezy confirms with the therapist that their session is confidential, afterwards quipping that he’s already smoking a blunt in front of the man. Themes of trust run deep throughout the Loyalty Over Love project.

    Peezy has previously explained the meaning of the album’s title to The FADER  saying, “I named my project that because any time I went to jail, I really saw who had love for me. People say they had love for me but they showed their true colors when I went away. And then others proved they were loyal. That’s why I’d rather someone be loyal than claim that they love me.”He’s spent the last couple months touring with fellow Sick Wid It label-mates E-40 and Nef The Pharoah, and will soon be announcing a headlining tour for Loyalty Over Love.

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