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    Warriors PF Draymond Green Attempts to Sabotage the Future

    It’s no secret that future Hall of Famer Draymond Green had a fight with the rising star Jordan Poole. While there are measures being made to discipline the veteran P, there’s so much more at stake here. The Warriors are looking to repeat after having a dominating performance in their playoff run and dueling the young Boston Celtics. However, if the team chemistry is to be in question then this can be concerning going forward. 

    Green has always been known for his irrational behavior, however, it usually benefits the team. This instead, can do negative to the team internally and affect the relationships of neighboring players. 

    What Happens to Draymond Green Now?

    According to Shams Charania for The Athletic, the Warriors are “seriously considering disciplinary action”. Apparently, he stuck Poole in the chest after a “heated interaction” basketball related. The two gentlemen got chest to chest and began shoving one another. Chris Haynes for Yahoo Sports reported that Green felt he was wrong and was extremely apologetic and is willing to build on stemming from teammates

    After the altercation with Jordan Poole, Draymond Green apologized. Teammates noticed a change in Poole’s behavior during camp as he was close to securing a big extension, according to sources. @YahooSports reported.

    Can the Warriors Spin This for a Positive?

    While Green’s proven his value as a legitimate piece of the Warriors dynasty, his impact off the court is just as important as his impact on the court. Many are taking this story and blowing it out of proportion. Personally, Green and the Warriors can take use this incident as a teachable moment going forward. In fact, they can attempt to build even stronger relationships and have uncomfortable conversations.

    “That’s what he does,” DiVincenzo told reporters on Sept. 24 after the team’s first scrimmage at training camp. “That’s all I’ve heard since I got here, and I witnessed it for the first day. It’s contagious, I would say. His positive energy correcting people, and teaching people right away was great.”

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