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    Tragic Loss: Model Succumbs to Assisted Suicide Amid Covid-19 Booster Injury Battle

    Tragic loss! Model Dies By Assisted Suicide Amid Covid-19 booster injury battle! Ali Tate Cutler, Victoria’s Secret catwalk, captured a heartbreaking exchange with her “Bubbie,” who will soon be put to sleep in Canada. On Saturday, she posted the video to TikTok, where it received a mixed response and swiftly racked up over 3.2 million views.

    Tragic Loss: Model Dies By Assisted Suicide

    “I saw her approach this imminent day with courage … I saw a model of success when it comes to dying”

    Tiktok influencer Ali Tate Cutler has been sharing memories & interviews with her grandmother about, among other things, her decision to choose #MAiD

    — MAiDHouse (@maidhouseto) June 2, 2023

    Bubbie lives in Canada, where adult euthanasia has been permitted since 2016, whereas Cutler, 32, dwells in Austin, Texas. Since Canadian politicians eased the requirements for eligibility, the practice, sometimes known as “Medical Assistance in Dying,” has come under fire. She was battling cancer, but she kept her identity and chosen date of death a secret.

    Tragedy Amid Her COVID-19 Booster Injury Battle

    Most people live lives filled with a variety of positive, negative, and neutral experiences on a daily basis. When tragedy strikes, many people experience negative effects in more ways than one. Tragedy often causes people to focus only on the negative aspects of their lives. This is a process known as mental filtering. Similar to how the good times can make you see more of the good. When going through a tragedy, people can succumb to filtering out all but the bad.

    Tragedy can be the result of an accident, acute health event or suicide, murder, or natural disaster. Even if you did not witness the tragic loss, it can have long-lasting traumatizing effects.

    Anne Rookey, LPC, describes the effect of tragic loss by using a simile: “It’s like the frost that hasn’t been thawed out with the sun.” Her relative lost her son and her daughter in less than five years, and she feels as though she no longer has a reason to continue living. The COVID-19 pandemic has further complicated her grieving, as she has not been able to travel to attend the funerals of either of their deaths.

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