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    Toronto Raptors Part-Time Announcer Drake: ‘So good to be home’

    Toronto Raptors part-time announcer Drake finally returns back to “Jurassic Park” for a preseason game against the Houston Rockets, per While it was brief, he managed to hop on the microphone and chop it up with the commentators. He talked about his love for the city and the team. 

    Drake Finally Returns to Courtside

    This was a big deal to the Raptor fans at home after being banned from the stadium for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Drake posted up courtside and watched the young talented and upcoming Raptors team dominate. 

    “So good to be home,” Drizzy said during Monday’s broadcast.

    He mentioned that he had to sip drinks at home while watching games for too long. He was a bit overdressed for the occasion. He actually joked about it during the broadcast. Drizzy had a red fuzzy Raptors jacket and jeans all while continuing to poke fun at his own team as well the opposition.

    “Everything’s feeling great, looking great, so great to be around people again, see all these faces. I’m feeling in high spirits boys,” he told the crew as he praised the young, athletic team. He also laughed about having a few of the players out to his place in the off-season. Drake being too gassed from finishing his album, Certified Lover Boy. His fatigue hindered him from working out that morning. “I think I woke up in the pool that day, from what I can recall,” he quipped.

    “This is more of a game seven kind of fit, not preseason,” said Drake as he continued to joke throughout the night.

    Drizzy is Excited to Perform in His Hometown in the Future

    The crew wished Drake’s son, Adonis, a happy birthday. In return, Drizzy shared some joy and kind words with his hometown on Canadian Thanksgiving day.

    “I’m aware that the city is tuning in tonight, and I want to express my love to everyone. It’s been a challenging battle, especially over the past few years… [I hope they’re coping] as best as they can under the circumstances,” he mentioned before realizing that he and the rest of the crew had a responsibility to focus on commentating the game.

    He expressed his interest and excitement about performing in “Jurassic Park” or Scotiabank Arena.

    Take a Look at Drake Call the Raptors Game:

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