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    Tom Cruise’s Romantic Timeline: From Cher to Katie Holmes and Beyond

    Tom Cruise relationships

    Tom Cruise’s relationships have had a colorful history. From his early relationships with fellow actresses to his high-profile marriages, Cruise’s romantic life is always a topic of much speculation and fascination among fans and the media.

    Cruise’s dating history dates back to the 1980s when he first rose to fame with movies like “Top Gun” and “Risky Business.” He was linked to several actresses, including Cher, who was over a decade older than him. The pair reportedly dated briefly in the mid-1980s, and Cher later revealed in interviews that they had a “hot and heavy” romance.

    Divorce # 3 Mimi Rogers

    Cruise’s next high-profile relationship was with actress Mimi Rogers, whom he married in 1987. However, the couple’s marriage was short-lived, and they divorced three years later. Despite the split, Rogers supported Cruise and even helped introduce him to his next wife, Nicole Kidman.

    Divorce # 2 Nicole Kidman

    The two actors were married from 1990 to 2001 and were one of Hollywood’s most high-profile couples. Kidman and Cruise starred in several movies, including “Days of Thunder” and “Eyes Wide Shut,” and were known for their glamorous red carpet appearances. Their marriage, however, was not without its challenges, and they eventually divorced amid rumors of infidelity.

    Divorce # 1 Katie Holmes

    Following his divorce from Kidman, Cruise briefly dated actress Penelope Cruz before meeting actress Katie Holmes. Cruise and Holmes began dating in 2005, and their relationship quickly became one of Hollywood’s most closely watched. They famously proclaimed their love on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show and were married in a lavish ceremony in Italy the following year.

    Cruise and Holmes‘ marriage was short-lived, and they divorced in 2012. Their split was shrouded in rumors and speculation, with reports suggesting that Holmes had grown uncomfortable with Cruise’s affiliation with the Church of Scientology.

    Since his divorce from Holmes, Cruise has tried to keep his love life out of the public eye. However, that won’t stop him from pursuing women, including actresses Sofia Boutella and Hayley Atwell. However, it has not been publicly confirmed.

    Regardless of his romantic life, Cruise remains one of Hollywood’s most influential stars. The question is whether Tom Cruise’s dating history is more fascinating than his talent and iconic roles.

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