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    The Political Year Of 2019 In Review

    2019  a political year in review

    After many school shootings during the spring and summer. Beto o’rourke decided to run for president. However, he was unable to sustain the race to the White House. O’Rourkes campaign eventually faded out.

    Elijah Cummings, a staunch enemy of Donald trump passed away. Furthermore former president George h. w. Bush father of former president George w bush also passed.

    Missouri tried to close down the only planned parenthood in the state but was stopped by the federal courts.

    Police officer Amber Guyger was sentenced to ten years after being found guilty of shooting Botham jean in his apartment. A few days later the star witness Joshua Brown was gunned down.

    Jeffery Epstein, billionaire playboy was found dead in his jail cell. Epsteins lawyers believe that Epstein didn’t take his life. however, an autopsy revealed that he could have committed suicide or he could have been murdered.

    Democratic chaos

    Hillary Clinton said presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard was working for Russia. Clinton said Gabbard was planning to run as a third-party candidate. Attempting to take votes away from the democratic nominee. After a promising start to the campaign Kamala Harris dropped from the race for president.

    Turkey invaded northern Syria. As Donald Trump abandoned the PPK. Pulling out American troops.

    Colin Kaepernick received an NFL workout after a last minute change of venue. Unfortunately, Kaepernick didn’t receive any offers to join a team. Meanwhile the receiver who participated in Kaepernick work out was signed by an NFL team. Jay-z faced backlash after stating it was time to move on from protesting. Awarding the NFL halftime show to Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

    Mark Meadows and 20 plus Republican Congressman and woman plan on retiring or are not running for office in 2020.

    Donald trump visited N.Korea and promised an end to Kim Jung Un’s missile test and threats. Unfortunately, neither stopped as Kim Jung Un promised a Christmas surprise for America. Which ended up being an empty threat like usual.

    Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats voted to impeach president Trump. Pelosi withheld the articles from the senate. After Mitch McConnell promised the Republican Senate would work hand and hand with the White House. Drawing the anger of a few fellow republicans. Meanwhile, Donald trump has appointed many Judges. Many were deemed unfit to serve in those rolls by the united states bar association.

    With us now in the New Year we look forward to action packed feeds and timelines. Finally, what do you think will happen to kick off the 2020 news cycle? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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