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    The Biggest Hispanic Shows Currently On Netflix

    Media executives are noticing the importance of Hispanic content and how it helps reach Spanish—speaking audiences. Last year Netflix spent approximately $200 million to produce content in Mexico and this investment is expected to increase. Moreover, Disney plans to make 70 original programs on Disney Plus in Latin America. Warner Media is another company taking the leap in producing content while investing in Latin America.

    In the meantime, check out the top Hispanic shows on Netflix.

    1. Casa de Papel (Money Heist)

    Money Heist is a Hispanic television series created by Alex Pina. It shows a mysterious man who planned a heist at Spain’s National Bank. The plan is to print an amount of 2400 million euros. For this plan to work eight people join together during five months. Each member has a unique name from different cities around the world.

    2. Elite

    Elite is a Spanish production for Netflix, within which its story takes place in Las Encinas, an exclusive school within the country. Therefore the sons of the elite come to check there. One day, the town suffers an immense earthquake that destroys the local public school and in addition, forcing the students to be distributed by other schools within the town.

    3. Narcos (Mexico)

    Narcos: Mexico is a spinoff from the Hispanic crime drama Narcos. Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro created and produced a web TV series. It was initially planned as the fourth season of the Netflix show Narcos. But it eventually evolved into a companion series focusing on the illegal drug exchange in Mexico. Meanwhile, the initial series focuses on illegal drug traffic in Mexico.

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