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    The 2023 Guide to the Best Hip Hop Podcasts

    Whether you’re an old-school head or a contemporary hip hop fan, there is a podcast for everyone. These rap music-focused discussions provide insight into the culture, music, and trends of the genre. Let’s take a look at the 10 best hip hop podcasts, their hosts, and their platforms.

    10. HipHop Hour

    From its work-with-what-you’ve-got epicenter in the Bronx, hip hop has spread worldwide. HipHop Hour brings much-needed attention to the history of rap music in their podcasts. They celebrate the genre’s 50th birthday with a variety of programming that showcases its impact and influence on music and society.

    9. The Combat Jack Show

    Reggie Osse’s show helped shape the hip hop podcast genre. His interviews with a diverse roster of guests including golden-age rappers like Freddie Foxxx and Cormega keep listeners coming back.

    The Combat Jack Show debuted in 2010 as a PNC Radio internet radio show before transitioning into a podcast. Brooklyn-born Reggie Osse, aka Combat Jack, hosted a plethora of hip hop legends. He often has guest hosts like Dallas Penn, Premium Pete, DJ Benhameen, and A-King, to discuss the music, culture, and news of the day.

    He was a working-class kid who grew up in Crown Heights, and he reflected that worldview in his approach to the podcast. It was intimate, humorous, and smart, exploring hip hop’s past just as much as it did its future. His experience helped him in his podcast discussions about rap music.

    The podcast also helped launch Loud Speakers Network, which has a number of successful shows including The Read and Brilliant Idiots. Podcasts like these give a voice to ideas that wouldn’t otherwise be heard in mainstream media.

    8. Louder Than A Riot

    From its beginnings as a creative outlet for marginalized communities, hip-hop has evolved into not only the most popular music genre in the world but a cultural behemoth. But its freedom from oppressive systems has not extended to all corners of the culture. They claim that this is due to misogyny, which Louder Than A Riot explores with each episode.

    The first season, for example, delves into how the rap industry’s long-standing misogyny continues to marginalize women. The second season looks at how mass incarceration intersects with hip hop with thought-provoking storytelling like no other.

    7. Cannon’s Class

    On top of the million other things he does, Nick Cannon decided to start a podcast as well, and it’s a hit. He now hosts one of the best hip hop podcasts and YouTube series, which features interviews with influential guests.

    In 2020, Nick Cannon faced backlash over anti-Semitic comments he made in an episode of the podcast. This led to ViacomCBS cutting ties with him and his MTV show Wild ’N Out.

    Kanye West sat down with Cannon for one of the most open conversations on this podcast. This propelled the podcast to even greater heights.

    The two talked about everything from Kanye’s relationship with Kim to his equally antisemitic comments. They even touched on abortion. The eye-opening and thought-provoking interview set a precedent for podcasts set around rap music discussions.

    6. Caresha Please

    Since its recent debut, Caresha Please has racked up over 1 billion online impressions already! It features celebrity guests who don’t ever hold back. Hosted by City Girls rapper Yung Miami, this no-holds-barred interview series is sure to leave you with more smoke than you came with.

    In just one season, she interviewed some of hip hop’s biggest names including Diddy, Kevin Gates, and Megan Thee Stallion. While other celebrities may fear being asked hard-hitting questions, Yung Miami’s no-nonsense approach has gained her immense popularity.

    5. New Rory and Mal

    Whether you’re looking for a witty rap battle or a mature discussion on music, culture, and politics, New Rory and Mal has it all. This podcast was one of the first to take advantage of rappers making the transition into broadcasting.

    The show features Rory, Mal, and Parks discussing topics like beef, movies, rap battles, and more. They also discuss the hottest upcoming hip hop artists and offer insight into their work.

    Since their breakaway from the JBP, they’ve already hosted guests like Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam, and more. They have a special ability to uncover hidden details and shine a spotlight on cult-ish lifers in hip hop.

    4. The Joe Budden Podcast

    Though he’s garnered much hatred, Joe Budden pioneered podcasting as a hip hop platform for conversation, interviews, and culture. In the absence of Rory and Mal, the new hosts are trying their best to carry the load. Their conversations offer insight into iconic works while reintroducing you to old favorites.

    Former rap star Joe Budden has a casual yet informative relationship with his fans. His personality is easy to love and hate, as he manages to rub fans and celebrities the wrong way on the daily. The Joe Budden Podcast discuss a wide range of topics from beefs to other rappers to their personal lives.

    3. Million Dollaz Worth of Game

    If you’re a hip hop fanatic, this podcast is for you. Whether you’re into golden era rap or the blog era of the 2010s, these shows are a great way to stay up-to-date on the genre. Listeners get insight into artists and the people behind the music.

    Combat Jack influenced this podcast with his infectious personality. MCs like Joe Budden and Gillie Da Kid help but emulate Jack when taking the mic to interview their contemporaries. Million Dollaz Worth of Game discusses important topics in hip hop.

    2. No Jumper

    This podcast is, to say the least, a weekly discussion between friends that tackles relevant hip hop topics. It’s like your hip-hop water cooler conversations with that one homie you went to school with. Lately, the podcast has been blowing up with controversy and beef between hosts.

    This Gimlet production was a pioneer for narrative podcasts that dug into the business side of hip hop and OnlyFans. Hosts like Adam22, AD, and Shark all bring completely different vibes to their episodes. The show reminds me of Looney Tunes in its ability to have so many different, wacky segments in one show.

    1. Drink Champs

    Beats, rhymes, and life are three of the cornerstones of hip hop culture, and none do it better than Drink Champs. Hosted by New York rapper Noreaga, and Miami rapper DJ EFN, this podcast thrives on its lit, alcoholic interviews.

    Whether their guests rant about fentanyl, dinosaurs, or which Grammys they’ve peed on, the hosts are masters at keeping the conversation lit. The show has hosted a number of legendary artists and is one of the most popular music podcasts online.

    Kanye West’s Drink Champs interview was recently pulled after the Chicago MC made anti-Semitic remarks and spread misinformation about the murder of George Floyd. NORE received pushback for even inviting Ye on the show in order to get ratings. Regardless of how fans feel, the decision definitely boosted the ratings exponentially.

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