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    The 10 Most Influential Executive Producers in Hip-Hop

    The top 10 influential executive producers in hip-hop! When it comes to producing rap music, there are certain people that stand out above the rest. Notable executive producers are the backbone of rap music, creating a world of audio for rappers to play in.

    Let’s take a look at some of the hip-hop music industry moguls that made the rap world what it is today!

    The 10 Best Executive Producers in Hip-Hop

    10. El-P

    Definitely a sleeper pick, but one of the top influential hip-hop producers nonetheless. From the early ’90s through 2010 when he closed his Def Jux label, El-P made hip-hop an adventurous and more accepting place to be. He has a deep catalog of genre-shaping albums, both with his groups and on his own. P also complemented his boundary-pushing production style with powerful rapping skills of his own.

    Previously known as El Producto, he honed his craft as part of the Brooklyn hip-hop group Company Flow before starting his own label. He renamed Definitive Jux to avoid a lawsuit from Def Jam.

    The first release was Fantastic Damage, featuring guest spots from Aesop Rock and Camu Tao. The album shows off his ear for atmospheric textures and pounding tank-like beats. The ominous atmosphere on Talk To Me comes from a magmatic synthesizer and twanging guitar, while the abrasive textures of Panther Like A Panther evoke urban warfare as effectively as the rapping does. Complex artistry like this is why El-P is one of hip-hop’s best executive hip-hop producers.

    9. Swizz Beatz

    The infamous multi-platinum producer, responsible for much of the East Coast sound in the 90s. He helped propel artists like DMX, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and even Jedi Mind Tricks. He is also responsible for the Atlanta and trap style of production that has taken over modern music. Swizz grew up in the same Bronx neighborhoods that birthed the hip-hop genre. He’s a branding icon, a fashion designer, a philanthropist, a curator of global cultural experiences, and, of course, an entrepreneur.

    The Ruff Ryders alum paved the way for artists like DMX, Eve, and Styles-P to create classic hits. His boundary-pushing studio style helps shape the sound of rap across multiple eras. In response to Covid lockdowns that stifled creatives, Beatz helped create the live “battle” platform Verzuz, making history.

    Verzuz features prominent artists or producers battling in official song-for-song challenges. He’s also a brand strategist who works with luxury and lifestyle brands. He educates them on the culture and negotiates equity partnerships rather than traditional endorsement deals. One of hip-hop music’s biggest industry moguls.

    8. Metro Boomin

    As part of a new wave of beatmakers along with Southside and Mike Will Made It, Metro Boomin’s production took hip-hop to a new frontier. His impact resembles the way that The Neptunes and Just Blaze characterized the early 2000s sound. Metro evolves the old soul samples and gross beat 808s of trap music into something slow and haunting with a more controlled level of mild distortion.

    Already one of hip-hop music’s biggest, most iconic industry moguls, Metro shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. He continues to put out countless current hits with stars like Post Malone, Drake, and DaBaby. The St Louis native’s work ethic never lets up. In recent interviews, he already set his sights on even bigger goals.

    7. Hit-Boy

    Chauncey Hit-Boy Hollis Jr built a name for himself as one of the most untouchable beat slayers in hip-hop. He racked up chart-topping production credits on hits like Drake’s “Trophies,” Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode” and Beyonce’s ‘Renaissance’. His genre-bending sound translates across everything from boom bap to UK drill.

    One of the top, yet undervalued, influential hip-hop producers, he impacts billions of listeners with his signature style. He sits in his sprawling California mansion, overlooking a warren of darkened rooms illuminated by blue laptop screens and the blinking lights of recording equipment. He surrounds himself with his crew from his imprint, HS87 Music, and a host of guests from half-a-dozen solo mixtape releases.

    Hit-Boy expressed how his inspiration stems from the artists he admires and the spontaneity that they embody. He takes the same approach in the studio, where he encourages his artists to come in with ideas that will inspire him to create. His drive and creativity easily land him a spot as one of the most notable executive producers in all of hip-hop.

    6. Mannie Fresh

    A pioneer in the 90s, Mannie Fresh helped shape the sound of rap and hip-hop as we know it today. He produced and co-wrote a number of hits as a member of Big Tymers, and also crafted two solo albums. The mind of Mannie Fresh and Return of the Ballin’ featured cornerstone production that still surfaces in samples to this day.

    Mannie also founded Chubby Boy Productions and continued to churn out tracks with his old label mates, as well as other artists. His reunion with Juvenile in 1998 proved to be the turn of the millennium.

    Their legendary track “Back That Azz Up,” showcases the Mannie Fresh’s knack for expertly crafting raunchy dance hits. Few tracks manage to maintain their relevance as this one does. This song still spins in clubs, sorority functions, and house parties to this day; clearly proving his worth as one of the top influential executive producers in all of hip-hop.

    Mannie left an indelible mark on the industry and is a major influencer on current Hip-Hop producers. His clever production cultivated a powerful moment for southern hip-hop and helped to pave the way for producers like himself.

    5. J Dilla

    The late Detroit producer J Dilla had an incredibly huge impact on hip-hop in his short time on earth. His unconventional sampling techniques left his mark, with many beat-makers today trying to imitate his style. He was a member of the Slum Village crew and worked with absolute legends like A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, and Erykah Badu. He also formed production groups named The Ummah and The Soulquarians.

    His death was ultimately ruled accidental and health-related, but it hurt the rap game nonetheless. He developed a new style of drum programming and beat-making that would go on to influence countless producers and even Jazz musicians.

    His new styles of production also helped to develop Neo Soul with artists like Erykah Badu. His immense catalog and posthumous releases further solidify his prowess as one of the best, most notable executive producers in all of hip-hop.

    4. Coach K & P Thomas

    The dynamic duo is known for their drumming skills and mastery of sampling. They worked with a number of the industry’s biggest rappers, including Nas, Busta Rhymes, A Tribe Called Quest, and Tragedy Khadafi.

    Coach K and P Thomas cofounded Quality Control Music, and their imprint remains undeniable to this day. The duo’s burgeoning empire even expanded into sports and film, and the pair’s community-first approach is now a model for other label owners.

    Despite starting their label in 2014, they were already heavily involved in the day-to-day movements of the explosive Atlanta hip-hop scene. Their previous contributions helped them quickly assemble an all-star roster of artists for their debut mixtape, Solid Foundation.

    Since then, the label has gone on to drop chart-topping hits from Lil Baby and Miami female rap duo City Girls. Despite their often under-appreciation, they are a proven pair of notable executive producers.

    3. Snoop Dogg

    The center of 90’s gangsta rap, and one of the first giant global names in hip-hop, you can write an entire book on Snoop Dogg’s contributions to the genre. A California legend, Snoop’s infectious swagger, and laidback demeanor made him one of the top influential hip-hop artists as well as producers.

    He made himself a producer after becoming one of the biggest rappers in the world. Snoop worked with artists from, quite literally, all walks of life. Whether it was fellow rap icons like Dr. Dre, pop stars like Katy Perry, Punjabi artists, Asian pop stars, etc. Snoop has been everywhere! He has a knack for finding talent from all over the world and putting them in front of a large audience.

    After a trip to Jamaica in 2012, Snoop embraced Rastafarianism and rechristened himself as Snoop Lion, before teaming up with modern funkster Dam-Funk to release 7 Days of Funk. Snoop’s love for funk music can also be heard on his 2015 album Bush, produced by Pharrell. As the new owner of Death Row Records, Snoop’s impact as one of the most notable executive producers knows no bounds.

    2. DJ Premier

    DJ Premier is widely considered one of the best producers of all time. He has produced for some of the biggest artists in rap, including Nas and The Notorious B.I.G. He is also known for his jazz-influenced beats and his work with the group A Tribe Called Quest.

    Premier also worked with a number of underground hip-hop artists and helped them elevate their careers. He’s the go-to producer for rappers that want a dope, catchy beat. When it comes to the industry moguls of hip-hop music, it’s impossible not to mention DJ Premier.

    In an impressive and grounded fashion, he still makes his beats using old equipment and shies away from keyboards and synthesizers. He credits Marley Marl and Rick Rubin as his top influential hip-hop producers. His longevity goes unmatched, as he has been producing since the 1980s and is still going strong today.

    1. Timbaland

    For many years, Timbaland was the one who ran hip-hop production. Despite the emergence of other legends, he is still considered one of the top, most influential producers in all of hip-hop. Still known for his chopping and sampling abilities, Timbaland started to create his own unique sound by knocking drums and synthesizers over the years.

    He produced a ridiculous amount of hits for artists like Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Ginuwine, and Ludacris. Timbaland even moved beyond hip-hop and R&B to produce albums for rock and pop artists. He’s not only one of the most notable executive producers in hip-hop, but a legend in alternate genres as well.

    The legend even landed the executive music producer role for the popular FOX series Empire. He claims that it’s just as creative as producing music and he’s learning a lot from the experience. Easily one of hip-hop music’s biggest industry moguls ever, Timbaland is sure to have a statue in his honor when it’s all said and done.

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