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    Tekashi SixNine Spending His FreeTime, Spending Money

    Tekashi SixNine is using his early release to buy himself some new toys.

    Tekashi is back to being in the news and dominating headlines. The disgraced rapper was released early from prison and has been busy ever since. Say what you want about Daniel Hernandez, but the man knows how to grab people’s attention.

    While many Hip-hop enthusiast has encouraged people to Cancel Tekashi, the rapper remains intent on resuming his rap Career. Just week, the 6ix9ine was on Torey Lanez IG live threatening to snitch if Lanez didn’t play his new music. Even more, reports have been coming out that the Brooklyn native is working on an album since coming home.

    Interestingly enough, despite his snitching and jail stint, 69 was able to secure a record deal.

    According to complex, Tekashi Sixnine signed a record deal with 10k projects for $10 million.  The agreement is for two albums, and allegedly one of the collections is expected to be in Spanish.

    With the extra money from his deal and excessive free time because of house arrest and coronavirus lockdown, the rapper has time and money to burn. TMZ reports that Sixnine has been on a spending spree as of late, making some pretty hefty purchases. Although he won’t be driving anytime soon, the rapper bought himself multiple expensive rides. According to reports, Tekashi added an “Aventador, McLaren, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, and a Range Rover” to his collection.

    The drip isn’t complete with the car; you have to add the accessories to put the icing on the cake. Tekashi69 knows this, which is probably why he spent over $300 thousand on a new chain and watch.

    Money isn’t an issue for the troll prince, and won’t be once the quarantine is over either. Despite his snitch status, venues are still offering up big money to have Sixnine perform. Places are said to have offered as much as $500,000 to Tekashi for dates in later in 2020 and 2021.

    While things seem to be going all well and good for Tekashi since he has been home, he is not out of hot water yet. The bloods he snitched on are a real threat, and they haven’t retaliated; doesn’t mean they won’t. Snitching is a cardinal sin in the gang culture, and even though the bloods may have been threatening his family. Daniel Hernandez knew the risk he was taking when he enlisted the help of “gangsters” to help propel his career. Even more, despite his second chance, 69 seems more focused on attention and fame than on being remorseful for his actions.

    What do you guys think about Tekashi Sixnine going on a quarantine spending spree? Should he be saving that money for all the extra security he’s going to need?

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    1. He shouldnt be called just a snitch but rather a PEDOPHILE if people still listen to him then they are basically supporting the exploitation of pre teen girls which is extremely sic

    2. I’m just so embarrassed that we have scumbags like this on earth who probably don’t really give two shits about anything outside of showing off, fame and fortune… Shallow and hollow….

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