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    Tahdig Unviles An Energetic And Heartfelt Single Entitled “Unmatched”

    Australian Hip Hop/rap artist Tahdig has recently released a banging track speaking about the lack of female presence in today’s hip-hop and rap scenes in the form of the single “Unmatched.”

    “Unmatched” displays Tahdig’s outstanding talent for lyrical word flow, which she utilizes well on the profound energetic instrumentation blended with a catchy hook and punchy lines that appeal to dig deeper into her music catalog.

    Tahdig had a chat with us and answered our unique 4 Questions. Check it out below.

    HYPEFRESH: Let’s begin by introducing ourselves. Share as much or as little as you’re comfortable with about your name, age, and where you’re from.

    Tahdig: My name is Tahdig (artist name). I’m 28, an Iranian-born artist based in Brisbane, Australia, QLD.

    HYPEFRESH: Can you tell us about your new single, “Unmatched”?

    Tahdig: Unmatched was written after witnessing a lack of female representation in Australia’s hip-hop/rap music scene. Since I started making music, I have noticed that women in the urban music scene need more coverage in the media for their craft. The hip-hop/rap scene is saturated with male artists, and often female rappers are unnoticed.

    I wrote this track to convey to my listeners that female MCs should be respected as lyricists just like their male counterparts and should not be exploited sexually just to be noticed. This track demonstrates energetic vibes and punchy lines that will keep you on your feet while repeating its catchy hook.

    HYPEFRESH: What do you like most about being a music artist?

    Tahdig: I’m a super creative person. Therefore I’m always looking to hone my skills in any creative field. I’ve always had an interest in rap/hip-hop music and culture. I have been making rap music since I was nine years old.

    As of 2021, I decided to start this new journey of writing and recording songs that help express who I am and my experiences. What I like most about being an artist is expressing myself to listeners through music. I write tracks so I can share important messages about daily struggles and social issues in the world. I want my listeners to have a connection with my songs.

    HYPEFRESH: How can our readers follow you online?

    Tahdig: Follow my social accounts and recent content here:

    Stream “Unmatched” on Spotify

    Connect with Tahdig: TikTok | Spotify | Instagram | Apple Music

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