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    T.I. Seconds The Call To Let Whites Fight

    T.I. Responds To The Proud Boys

    No one is surprised about T.I.’s decision to speak up about the events that unfolded at the U.S. Capitol Building. Like any other American, the rapper, media personality and entrepreneur took to Instagram while watching the news. He and wife Tiny were out to eat. Tiny’s comments can be heard in the background.

    “Can ya’ll believe the shit we saw yesterday?” he began. “I mean, did you see it? This shit don’t surprise any of us. This is the thing. We got to understand, we don’t have the same immunity. We can’t be out there fighting the same fight as white folk. Cause we gon’ end up being the only muthafuckas to get shot down, killed, or end up in prison. Until we get the same kind of immunity, the same consideration and acknowledgment, we can’t be out there. We’re going to be the ones that get killed.”

    Black People Stay Home, White Allies Step Up

    T.I. openly offered to be a supporter on the back end. However, the events of January 6 did not warrant active participation by Black people or any other minorities. It was the time to watch a demonstration of injustice.

    “Let the whites fight. Our allies, get out there and do your things. If we can find a way to do something behind the scenes and be an asset to you, we will. But we can’t be out there. Nah man. They gon’ look the other way when ya’ll do it. The shit was planned. That shit wasn’t haphazard. The man said he’ll see us in January. It was marked on the date. ‘See you on January 6th.’ I saw my boy Trae posted that shit…But these muthafuckas already knew.”

    T.I.’s Infamous Ending 

    Tip finished his plea to America he called a “little Dope Boy Logic,” saying, “You got tried yesterday, America. Muthafuckas damn near came in your house, slapped your mama, and told your grandmama ‘come out here and get some too.’ Therefore, if you don’t respond, you gon’ get tried again. Cause it’s sweet. They did shit with no consequence. Hey man, if a muthafucka try you and you don’t do nothing, you gon’ get tried again … if all it takes is some unarmed White people to get in there, you’re sweet.”

    All Americans need to wake up and do something about the old coffee being brewed. If we don’t like the cards dealt, we have to work hard to achieve a better reality.

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