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    Surgeon Makes History in Brazil: Apple Vision Pro Optimizes Surgery for First Time

    The patient with the rotator cuff tear suffered an injury common in the case of gradual tendon tissue damage. Dr. Bruno Gobbato, an orthopedic surgeon who made history in Brazil by successfully implementing the innovative device into the surgical process, has demonstrated the most valuable use of the Apple Vision Pro in this condition.

    The event occurred at the Jaraguá Hospital, which is famous nationwide. The conditions of the patient’s surgery, shoulder arthroscopy, are particularly beneficial for using the mentioned medical equipment.

    The device projected high-quality images, as good in definition as being at the cinema. This allowed Dr. Gobbato to see the patient’s exams and 3D models in real-time during the surgery.

    The cameras in the Apple Vision Pro provided more visibility, balancing the bright operating room lights, a crucial factor during any surgical procedure. The device allows Dr. Gobbato to access his notes, patient X-rays, and the live camera feed simultaneously, demonstrating its potential for multitasking.

    Apple Vision Pro surgical technology

    The Apple Vision Pro is primarily designed for entertainment and work; however, it has already been applied in the medical sector. Neurosurgeons have already called it a “game-changer” during spinal surgeries, and in another case, it was integrated with the MyMako app for better surgical preparation.

    Nevertheless, it has to be emphasized that, at present, the Apple Vision Pro is available only in the US; the minimal cost is $3,499. Despite such a high price, it is a reasonable investment in a device that could be used in different industries, including medicine.

    Dr. Gobbato’s inventive way of using the Apple Vision Pro during shoulder arthroscopy sets an example of what a device could do in the field. The surgeon has a live feed from the monitor to a wearable; therefore, the rest of the process improves. A bigger screen and high-resolution screen, alongside bending cameras, contributed to the better lighting of the OR and no dark spots or novices.

    Finally, the Apple Vision Pro enabled Dr. Gobbato to open the Notes app during surgery. This app contained a 3D model of the scapula and additional case-related information. Moreover, he explored the X-ray images of the patient’s shoulder on the floating display, which was launched thanks to the gestured input.

    However, critics argue that the Apple Vision Pro has been used in many inappropriate ways, including inside a Tesla self-driving car and on the streets. Some harshly criticized the pilot in one airplane after he was discovered using the gadget. He appeared to be traveling as a passenger in a small chartered aircraft.

    Examining the surgical procedure and how Dr. Gobbato managed to conduct a successful process using the Apple Vision Pro indicates that technology can play a vital role in achieving the desired aspects within the medical field. The above levels indicate success but show that the device can also be lethal if it is used irresponsibly.

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