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    Stranger Things Releases New Teaser Ahead “Stranger Things Day”

    Hold on to your butts, brochachos. The newest season of Stranger Things is coming to a screen near you!

    Recently Netflix surprised its fans with two teasers from Stranger Things season 4 in which will reach the world at some point in 2022. The new teasers were launched in celebration of “Stranger Things Day”, celebrated every November 6th. The same day character “Will Byers” disappeared from Hawkins, Indiana in 1983.

    Besides that Netflix organized a series of events for fans around. Posting an official map of Hawkins, created by the artist Kyle Lambert, interviews, and new details (like a teaser with the titles of the nine-episode season).

    The revealing clip is 53 seconds long showing the titles in order. Starting with “The Hellfire Club.” This is followed by “Vecna’s Curse,” “The Monster and The Superhero”. Additionally, “Dear Billy,” “The Nina Project,” “The Dive,” “The Massacre At Hawkins Lab,” “Papa”. And finally “The Piggyback.” At the end of the teaser it says “In the spring of 1986, the adventure continues…”

    Furthermore, the images of the original teaser trailer “Eleven”  and “Will” can be seen adapting to their new life in California. Although the teen with powers still has difficulties adjusting to changes she omits these details in a card she’s writing to “Will”.

    “I even like school now. I’ve made a lot of friends, Eleven said in the teaser, meanwhile getting pranked by classmates. Still, I’m ready for spring break, mainly because I can see you. We will have the best spring break ever.”

    Moreover, for the moment we don’t know the outcome of spring break for the young adults. But it will be an action-packed episode filled with emotions showing car chases, some weird doll, and a huge explosion.

    Release Date

    Due to multiple issues the series suffered many production setbacks ever since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The filming of season four officially finished in September of this year. And fans all around are waiting for Netflix to release an official launch date.

    Yes, we are finished. Now they are putting the pieces together for a new teaser,Noah Schnapps told the press.

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