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    Songs by LGBT Hip-Hop Artists

    Hip-hop has come a long way for LGBT rappers. The industry has been made even more fabulous by hard-working LGBT and femme creators. Check out these songs by LGBT+ artists for your enjoyment this Pride Month.

    “One of Me” – Lil Nas XI Like This

    “Say you one of me, say you one of me, yeah, yeah!” Regardless of one’s sexual orientation, finding a meaningful connection with another person is a beautiful experience.

    “Living Gud, Eating Gud” – Cakes Da Killa

    F*ggots on the Come Up

    “I’m looking right, p*ssy tight/So what the fuck y’all mad for?” Femme-folks have been the leading voice for non-violence in hip-hop. Why be aggressive when you can look pretty?

    “No Effort” – Princess Nokia

    All-Girl Party

    “It’s a hot girl summer, and I pulled up on my bike!” Princess Nokia is a girly girl in the game. She represents all the young women barefaced slaying on the block in her slice-of-life music video.

    How To Live

    “Don’t tell me what to do, what to do!” Sometimes the best religion is to take your advice. Allowing your friends to be guided by their inner voice shows unconditional love.

    “Rule The World” – Azealia Banks

    I P*ssy the Runway!

    “I make the rules ’cause I rule the world!” Azealia Banks has mastered her universe with her experimental delivery and Spanish-language interjections. We might all be better off if she takes over the world.

    How have you witnessed the rap industry change in terms of non-LGBT rappers?

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