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    Sh3GotGame Fridays: Gisella Maul’s Future Gets Brighter

    Gisella Maul, a Texas native, has emerged as a rising star in girls’ basketball. While initially gaining recognition in Texas, she has now become well-known nationwide. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Maul participated in various sports during her childhood. Track and field and basketball were her early favorites, but in 5th grade, she realized it was challenging to excel in both. She made the decision to focus solely on basketball, and since then, she has never looked back.

    In an impressive feat, Maul even defeated Kevin Durant, the Brooklyn Nets superstar, in a three-point contest when she was just 11 years old. Interestingly, she models her game after Durant and considers him her favorite player. Maul sees similarities in their playing styles, particularly in their efficient scoring on all three levels and their impact on defense. Given her early success in her young career, it’s no surprise that she has achieved so much.

    Gisella Maul believes a healthy balance is imperative for success

    Gisella Maul’s journey to success reminds us that young athletes are still children. During our interview, she shared her experiences growing up and the challenges she faced while balancing her social life with her daily routine.

    “Yeah, it hasn’t always been easy,” Maul said. “The saying ‘Ball is Life’ truly applies to me. For instance, I just finished my high school season last Saturday, and tomorrow evening I’ll start AAU basketball.”

    Maul emphasized the importance of finding a balance and taking breaks to perform at a high level. She discussed her offseason preparation, highlighting how certain drills contribute to improved shooting and court efficiency. With her dedicated time in the weight room, proper rest, and a balanced diet, her shooting percentage has significantly increased over the past two seasons.

    Leadership is another crucial skill Maul focuses on during the offseason. Although it’s not a physical attribute, she has found effective ways to enhance her game and support her teammates during the season.

    “During the offseason, I make sure to reach out to all my teammates and invite them to work out with me,” Maul explained. “When they’re struggling, I try to encourage them as much as I can. Surprisingly, this not only boosts my confidence on the court but also strengthens our friendship.”

    Maul’s dedication to both her game and her relationships reflects her growth as a player and a person.

    Historic strides at Cedar Park High School

    Maul has already made a historic mark at Cedar Park High School. She has achieved back-to-back state titles in Texas and earned the MVP award while leading an undefeated team. In the recent season, her team achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first undefeated team to win the state championship. When questioned about the impact of this achievement on her legacy, she responded:

    “The championship meant a lot to me, but it meant even more to my teammates,” Maul said. “Seeing our hard work pay off and finally gaining the respect they deserve was truly worth it.”

    Respect plays a vital role in Maul’s basketball legacy. She emphasizes that being a young woman in a predominantly male sport makes it challenging for all women to receive recognition, not just herself. While there has been some progress, numerous talented women across the country who play basketball still struggle to receive the rightful respect they deserve. Winning the championship and MVP award solidifies her presence and assures that she is here to stay. Her remarkable season will forever be remembered in the history books.

    How basketball has impacted Maul’s life

    Maul has fully embraced the impact basketball has had on her life. She welcomes the media attention, both positive and negative, and appreciates the abundance of opportunities that lie ahead. As a highly sought-after athlete, she has been on numerous visits, so much so that she often highlights the “not committed” hashtag to clarify her status.

    Maul’s remarkable achievements may appear surprising, but she attributes them to her unwavering dedication and hard work. She firmly believes that the results she has achieved are the direct result of the effort she has invested behind closed doors. Contrary to attributing it to luck, she explains how she meticulously created vision boards in middle school, setting goals and steadily ticking them off one by one.

    “I don’t consider my success to be a stroke of luck,” Maul elaborated. “If only people could see the relentless effort I put in and witness the dreams I mapped out on my board in middle school. They would perceive my accomplishments in a whole new light.”

    Maul’s thoughts on life after basketball 

    Despite her young age, Maul harbors ambitious aspirations that extend beyond basketball. She recognizes the paramount importance of education and takes advantage of her current platform to build her personal brand. One of her greatest concerns is the uncertainty of life once her sports career concludes.

    “Creating a future beyond basketball holds immense significance for me,” Maul expressed. “My parents have instilled the value of education in me, and I am grateful for it. The ultimate goal is to secure a comfortable and fulfilling life after the game.”

    In conclusion, Maul humbly shares her journey and instills a sense of determination in young individuals and anyone aspiring to follow in her footsteps. She vividly recalls being in their position, unaware of the dedication required to achieve greatness. Maul aims to make a positive impact by lending her voice to the youth and leading by example.

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