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    Sh3gotgame Continues To Make Impact On Girls Around The World

    Origin of Sh3GotGame

    Sh3GotGame continues to make an impact on women around the world’s lives. Ahmad Thomas is the creator and founder of Sh3GotGame. The New Jersey native began getting involved with the game of basketball at the age of five. Although, his first time playing basketball competitively on a team was in sixth grade. He took interest in basketball at a young age because of his father who consistently bought him a new basketball every Christmas.

    As he grew up, he spoke about always watching Michael Jordan play and thinking it was his dad because of their similarly bald heads. He expressed that watching Jordan play and thinking it was his father playing made him want to pick up the ball and begin playing.

    Thomas went on to play at the collegiate level, but the highest level he played at was semi-pro. Due to legal issues, the team did not play an actual game; however, he did practice for some time. Thomas was projected to play

    “I played in college, however, I practiced for a semi-pro team,” Thomas said. “The team wasn’t officially started due to legal issues. After  the semi-pro team debacle, I turned my focus towards coaching.”

    Thomas’s Introduction to Coaching

    Once the semi-pro team fell through it opened up an opportunity to coach or have an impact on the game of basketball without actually playing. He then started coaching and training at a local YMCA. Thomas consistently helped assistant coach for the YMCA travel team; however, he eventually got an opportunity to become a head coach for a sixth-grade boys team. He was so happy to have the opportunity that he took it without truly understanding what it took to be a head coach. 

    He was offered a head coaching spot for the B team, where he struggled for the majority of the year until the final two games. Thomas expressed he found the “winning formula” and wanted to build upon that although the boy’s season was over. The only opportunity available was to coach sixth-grade girls, and he enjoyed the experience and turned their team around completely. 

    “I figured out the style to win, within the last two games after losing every other game. I reached out asking for more opportunities to build upon the winning,” Thomas said. “The only availability was the sixth-grade girls and I fell in love with it ever since.”

    Mr.Sh3GotGame has found the art of coaching impactful on his life. He often spoke about the abilities he gained from the experience and how it has helped him communicate and function better in his daily life. The patience, accountability, and understanding of people were the biggest takeaways he discussed from coaching.

    Sh3GotGame’s Foundation and Message

    Thomas emphasizes that his biggest message for the brand is to inspire and empower women. While this may seem vague, he then elaborates and explains the representation of any demographic is important. When people of all ages see other individuals doing what they like to do at a high level. Ultimately, it brings a sense of relatability. He discusses that women may not be as gifted physically as some men. However, these women are just as electrifying and deserve a platform to display to the masses. 

    “My goal is to inspire other women and girls by social media. Therefore, seeing other women like you will motivate you or help you build upon your game and relate to other women going forward,” said Thomas. 

    The media is an essential part of the Sh3GotGame brand. The outlet to promote these women trickles down to his training page and ultimately his coaching. The training allows him to be more in tune with the coaching and the credibility and content naturally come from talented women. The business model seems to be an oiled machine. Thomas emphasizes that the nuances of the game and its impact on the girls are where his joy originates from.

    Early last year, the WNBA shared some of its content and its brand began to reap the benefits shortly after. He spoke to the recognition and credibility it brought to his brand was phenomenal because people understood he was the real deal. 

    “It affected the brand because of the eliteness of the stamp and exposure it gave my brand,” said Thomas. “It  only helps the brand and lets me know the game, as well as, the brand is moving in the right direction.”

    Sh3GotGame uniqueness and gear

    Thomas wishes to leave any young women he trains with a unique experience. As he explained, similar to an experience at Disney Land, many people leave the park in almost shock or awe of the lost memories. He tries to resemble that same feeling to an extent. 

    Thomas attempts to leave not only the athletes but their parents with his imprint. The whole ideology of “you’ll never forget this moment” is what he prides his training, coaching, and brand of. 

    “ I want them to feel as if they saw their favorite characters at Disney Land when they see me. They should feel mesmerized by the experience they have with me to the point they’ll never forget the work they put in,” said Thomas. 

    “I want to give you my energy and my expertise. I want to give you all of me mentally, physically, and emotionally where they’ll never forget and their parents. The imprint I leave, I want to leave on their lives as well as their basketball experience,” continued Thomas.

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