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    Schools Have to Resort to Bulletproof Whiteboards? School Shooting Counter Measures

    Schools are trying to solve the shooting problems in unique ways: by turning whiteboards into bulletproof storm shelters. This new safety innovation, developed by Cullman local Kevin Thomas, is being piloted at West Elementary School in Alabama. Unfortunately, educational institutions have to resort to bulletproof whiteboards as their countermeasures to school shootings.

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    What is BallistiCrete?

    GigaCrete, LLC is a Las Vegas based company that makes a product called BallistiCrete. It’s a plaster-like finish that can be applied over drywall or stucco, and gives your walls a ceramic hard finish that is also bulletproof.

    BallistiCrete is an extremely effective and affordable way to create a bulletproof home. The product can be layered at various thicknesses and offers protection against all handgun bullets as well as most rifle rounds, including those designed to pierce body armor.

    It’s also fire-proof and resistant to mold and mildew. You can even drill holes through it if you want to hang up photos or artwork.

    It’s also a good choice if you’re looking for something that will make your home more secure without the cost and hassle of removing your drywall or replacing it with steel panels. The GigaCrete product is a lot easier to install than its competitors and offers a high level of protection against bullets.

    BallistiCrete is a high performance drywall system.

    When it comes to protecting against a variety of unforeseen dangers, one of the best ways to do so is by fully fortifying your walls. Not only can a bullet-proof wall keep out the bad guys, but it will also stop fires and mold from destroying your home.

    BallistiCrete is a high performance drywall system that is specifically formulated to offer maximum protection against firearms projectile impacts. Its ceramic-like strength and hardness qualities create a superior barrier to most handgun, rifle and armor piercing rounds.

    Contractors install bullet resistant drywall panels by applying them to wall studs or substrates with self-tapping drywall screws. The material is typically applied over gypsum board, EPS foam and existing stucco.

    The panels are installed so that they overlap where they meet the wall studs. This is important because it prevents any gaps where a bullet could be introduced to the wall through the gap between the studs. In addition, a batten strip is typically added to reinforce the seams where the panels overlap.

    BallistiCrete is a high strength drywall system.

    When looking for bullet proof drywall to add a level of protection to your home or business, you have a few options. One option is to install stainless steel sheets that are tested to stop bullets. However, they can be expensive to install and aren’t particularly strong, so you might have to reinforce them with additional materials if you’re trying to create a solid defense against bullets.

    Another option is to use a high strength drywall system like BallistiCrete. This drywall is designed to withstand the impact of a variety of projectiles, including bullets, shrapnel and even bombs.

    The company that produces this system has passed official ballistic tests showing that it can stop AK47, 7.62 rounds and even.308 armor piercing. This coating can be applied over virtually any wall and turns it into a safe room or bullet resistant structure.

    BallistiCrete is a high impact drywall system.

    If your building is a target of an active threat, bullet proof walls are the perfect solution to protect your occupants. They can stop high powered handguns and rifles, armor piercing rounds, and even shrapnel.

    Ballistic drywall (or sheetrock) is sized like traditional drywall in flat rigid sheets, but it’s rated to stop specific types of projectiles. It can be installed over concrete, cement block, gypsum board (drywall) and foam insulation to provide extra protection from a range of threats.

    Ballistic panels are NIJ Level 3 and 4 rated, meaning they resist all handgun bullets, most rifle bullets and armor piercing rounds. They can be applied over new or old construction, and turn almost any space into a bullet resistant safe room.

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