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    Rickey Smileys Daughter Aaryn Smiley Shot In Houston

    Rickey Smiley’s 19-year-old daughter Aaryn Smiley was shot multiple times in Houston over the weekend.

    Comedian and Radio Show host Rickey Smiley shared the news that his 19-year-old daughter Aaryn Smiley was shot. The teen is recovering in a Houston hospital after being caught in the crossfires of a road rage incident.

    Rickey Smiley went live on Facebook showing what he was going through as a parent stating. “The reason I’m on Facebook Live is because I just want you to see that it’s raw and it’s real. I want you to see what parents have to deal with when their children become victims of gun violence.”

    Aaryn Smiley was out with friends trying to get some Whataburger when someone began shooting. The 19-year old was hit three times and was rushed to the hospital to have surgery.

    The Baylor university student has been sharing her progress from the hospital to her Instagram story.


    Gun violence in America is an everyday problem, that doesn’t always affect famous people so that it can make the news. Cities like Chicago and Philadelphia saw increases in violence over the 4th of July weekend but it was business as usual.

    When people like Rickey Smiley Daughter get shot, it makes the news because it is out of the norm. However, we as a people have to question ourselves about when did over 30 people being shot in one weekend become the norm?

    Aaryn Smiley is getting better in the hospital, and her parents can breathe a sigh of relief they will not have to bury their child. Countless other parents across America will not have the same luxury. For as much as we celebrate the victory for the Smiley family. We must also acknowledge our defeat for all the other lost lives.

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