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    Reemo Meerak: The Social DW33B Of Hip Hop

    For Reemo Meerak, it doesn’t matter what year it is. Being a Black creator is dope and great regardless so long as business remains as strong and consistent as the creative side of things. Meerak says, “then all will be well”. Reemo Meerak knows the unique challenges for Black creators are almost exclusively about business. Specifically, Meerak would like to see more support for Black-owned businesses.

    Meerak also senses that there remains a double standard for Black creators. This forces Black creators to be less free in their art. With money comes freedom for artists but for Black artists, the money that is too hard to come by often comes with unnecessary commitments and obligations.

    At least things have changed since the ‘60s. “Technology has played an increasingly high impactful part of the matter.” As Meerak puts it, the 1960s were all about being talented and being marketable.

    Today, it is all about being marketable. Meerak believes in using life’s frustrations and pains to build perseverance and self-love. Reemo Meerak knows that his life experiences led him to where he is now. He will be speaking on more panels this summer; as well he will be continuing his C.U.T.S. Podcast, his Independent Rich Tour with DJ Chase and Worldwide Soundz Records, corresponding, hosting, and acting in several productions.

    Meerak wants the younger version of himself to know the difference between “marketable” and “relevant”. He now understands ‘the importance of building your ‘value’.” Meerak urges members of the Black community to vote, but he is aware that many Black voters of today still feel they have no political say-so even with the relatively newfound right. Meerak concludes, “Your vote should matter.”

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    1. Wishing Meerak all the best!
      “Your vote should matter.”
      All votes matter!
      What a concept!

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