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    Rappers Boasting About Their Flashy Lifestyles, Wearing Designer

    Rappers are definitely some of the most stylish men American culture has to offer. According to the ethos of the street, one’s time is spent best dreaming of brand labels and other riches instead of continuing to fight it out in the mud. Hip-hop music reflects this as rappers pull from their experiences in order to create their music. Here are some songs with flashy rappers rocking top fashion brands.

    1. “I Rock Old Chanel”

    “My outfit dope as hell”. Wiz Khalifa is the type of new-school rapper to rock what he refers to as “old Chanel”. Wiz flaunts it like a gentleman.

    2. Pop Smoke Rocked Christian Dior

    “Christian Dior, Dior/I’m up in all the stores/When it rains, it pours.” He dressed to the fullest. R.I.P. Pop Smoke.

    3. “So Much Ice Make Your Eyesight Blurry”

    “Jewelry” “Damn, I wish I had nine pinkies!” Gucci Mane shares a first name with the luxury fashion brand. Gucci Mane stays iced out with expensive items.

    4. “Chrome Hearts, Fendi Prints, Shopping Sprees, Expensive Sh*t”

    “F*ck a pricetag/We rich as sh*t/Drip so hard on purpose!” Migos can’t be stopped when it comes to affording fashionable pieces. Beverly Hills/”Rodeo Drive” hosts a multitude of “luxury fashion houses” according to


    1. I personally prefer songs about realness.
      I shop at thrift stores so obviously I am more concerned about a good deal than a label, but that’s just me.
      As far as which rapper is the most flashy? Well, if it’s all in the name and/or the label, then how about Grandmaster Flash- a grand master of flash!

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