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    Rapper Star2 Team Up With Luh Kel, Soulja Boy For “New Me”

    Asian-American rapper Star2 is slowly building his reputation, and in his newest release “New Me,” he teamed up with Luh Kel and Soulja Boy. The single “New Me,” displays Star2’s journey from rags to riches, with a pure showcase of lyricism from the Star2, Luh Kel, and Soulja Boy who give their fans exactly what they asked for.

    The music video “New Me” is a lavish explosion of hyper-indulgence that pays homage to Star2’s roots and celebrates how far he’s come as an artist. His rough upbringing resulted in the discovery of his love for music and fine-tuning his voice. It’s a dreamlike visual saga featuring a jacuzzi full of $100 bills, French maids who hand-feed him grapes, orange Lambos and money guns. He’s working on a six-song EP with $tupid Young featuring Lil Poppa and MB Nel on two tracks dropping in February or March 2023.

    About Star2: 

    Star2 is an amazing survivor. Born in a Thai refugee camp, he journeyed over 500 miles through the jungle to escape from Burmese soldiers who attacked and devastated his village. As a Karen minority member, facing persecution from the Myanmar government, Star2 and his family have endured significant hardships and racial discrimination for generations. With his grandmother as his primary caregiver, they were fortunate to win a lottery for migration to the United States. At six years old, he reached San Diego, beginning a new phase of his life.

    Growing up in the inner city was tough for him. His family faced financial hardships, and he lived with a drug-addicted uncle. Adjusting to a new world of cars, electricity, and paved roads was overwhelming for him. As a teenager, he found solace in music, learning to rap, sing, write, and perform. Influenced by artists like Justin Bieber, Tyga, and Chris Brown, he developed his own unique style, combining winning hooks, rich harmonies, and progressive R&B soundscapes. Since 2020, he has released a series of captivating singles with renowned producer Chico Bennett, captivating audiences worldwide.

    Teaming up with popular rappers like catapulted him as a rising artist. His genuine and relatable style deeply connects with his generation, offering comfort and a platform for navigating present-day challenges. With millions of streams and views, he continues to make a mark in the music industry, collaborating with artists such as Soulja Boy, $tupid Young, and HoodTrophy Bino on upcoming projects.

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