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    Rapper G-Eazy Assaults Two Men Outside Of New York City Hotel

    When it comes to staying out of trouble, some rappers just can’t help but live off drama. Rapper G-Eazy certainly lives for the drama. Recently, the “Order More” rapper was arrested for allegedly assaulting two men in New York. G-Eazy has since spent the night in jail ceil but only for a short period of time. Recently, he was released. However, the case is far from over for the rapper.

    The Rapper Assaults Two Men

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    Furthermore, police reported that G-Eazy allegedly assaulted two men outside of New York City hotel on last Friday morning. Officers responded to a 911 call that came from outside of the Standard High Line, a boutique hotel in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. Moreover, the hotel comes equip with features fit for high-profile celebrities, such as a beer garden, a restaurant, a rooftop bar and an exclusive rooftop nightclub. According to authorities, the victims, a 29 and 32-year-old man, disclosed that the rapper striked them in face, “causing pain and redness to develop.” Despite their injuries, the men weren’t taken to the hospital. It does seem suspect that the two didn’t seek medical treatment after their altercation with the rapper G-Eazy. No motive as to what led to the fight has been revealed at this time. Hopefully, as the case persists more details will be revealed.

    G-Eazy’s Temporary Release From Jail

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    Despite the lack of evidence or motive behind the altercation, G-Eazy still had to pay the price for his actions. The rapper partied at the VMAs last Sunday night, but by Monday, police arrested him. Furthermore, the “Still Be Friends” rapper faces two counts of assault after allegedly hitting two people in the face outside the Standard High Line boutique hotel. Though, the police released the rapper shortly after his arrest. Moreover, he’s been given a ticket to appear in court at a later date. Currently, him and his team have failed to respond to the alleged assault that took place last weekend. All in all, pretty sure G-Eazy wants to move past the bad press.

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