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    Rapper Chika Intends To Commit Suicide

    Life comes with its many challenges. Though for some people, those challenges are too much to handle. Up and coming rapper CHIKA made a disturbing announcement this weekend that left fans shook. The Grammy nominee hasn’t been in the best head space as of late. Unfortunately, the climb to success and fame hasn’t been easy for the young female rapper. Recently, CHIKA took to social media to tell fans that she plans to commit suicide.

    CHIKA Reveals To Fans That She Plans To Commit Suicide

    commit suicide
    via News Nation USA

    The road to fame and fortune can be a long and difficult one. In the end, the reward makes it all the more worth fighting for. However, not every aspiring star can see the success through. In extreme cases, some aspiring and established stars take their own lives. 

    This past weekend, CHIKA took to social media to air out some alarming messages once again. To the fears of fans, the aspiring rapper has made it known that she plans to commit suicide.

    “I reached the top of the Intercontinental building but couldn’t jump, not because I didn’t want to, but because the metal stairs were scary. It may sound like I’m exaggerating, but it’s true. It’s just hard to find the right path, the fastest way, the least painful way. I’m exhausted with myself as well.”

    Despite the fact that she made XXL’s Freshman Class list and received a Grammy nomination last year, CHIKA still isn’t happy with her fame.

    CHIKA Threatens To Take Her Life

    commit suicide
    via Women You Should Know

    Unfortunately, this weekend wasn’t CHIKA’s only attempt at committing suicide. She also tried to take her life back in April 2021. The Alabama native first told fans that she plans to quit music. Unfortunately, the haters attacked the aspiring star on social media. However, CHIKA only made the situation worse when she suggested that her and the internet trolls make a “suicide pact to end their collective suffering.” HipHopDX further reported that Cardi B reached out to the rapper and offered some kind words . Fortunately, the “Up” rapper was able to turn the situation around for CHIKA.

    It seems now that the Alabama native could use another helping hand now.

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