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    R.Kelly Says Fuck The Music: He Wants Vengeance From Lifetime​​

    R.Kelly aint worried about Celine Dion, Lady Gaga or B2K. All he want is that check from Lifetime!

    Recently, it has been noted that most of R.Kelly’s songs are being pulled from streaming services. Apparently, radio stations are starting to ban his music and soon his entire discogroahy will be a thing of the distant past. But according to sources, he still has his eyes set on suing Lifetime for the production of Surviving R.Kelly. 

    Close sources to the singer have indicated that he is not concerned about Lady Gaga’s public apology, Matthew Knowles’ diss, and John Legend’s bold comment.

    Kelly has labeled them as “phonies” who are salvaging their own images. Specifically, R. Kelly believes that the allegations are lies and he is proceeding with his initial cease and desist letter.

    Close sources also reveal that Kelly and his lawyers are so focused on vengeance, that they are digging up dirt on the Lifetime execs! Talk about messy! But hey, that’s the game they are playing! Can you blame him for wanting revenge?

    Meanwhile, Kanye West doesn’t give a fuck and insists that R.Kelly and Michael Jackson’s music deserve respect.

    But, what do you all think? Does R.Kelly deserve a chance at vengeance?


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