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    Pennsylvania Pop Artist Bronni Release New Single “Thinking Bout The Way”

    Pennsylvania music artist Bronni has been gaining vast traction since the release of his trendy single, “Thinking Bout The Way.” Bronni is well known for his incredible ability to play the guitar and piano, which has taken him on several tours around the east coast with various artists.

    “Thinking Bout The Way” is a song about good old memories of a former loved one that you, unfortunately, had to quit loving because how things were becoming too toxic for either of you to handle. It’s best to move on from that than to damage one another in a way that won’t benefit anyone’s life.

    Here we are treated to an appealing pop soundscape that feels like a conveyed sing-along anthem with danceable rhythms and an electrifying finetuned production, with Bronni sizing the moment to display his outstanding vocals ability to compose distinctive lyrics.

    “Thinking Bout The Way” is a feel-good song you can share with your friends or loved ones who are going through a hard time, or you can sing along to the music in your headphones.

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