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    Patriots Mac Jones, Jets Zach Wilson Grow Up Before Our Very Eyes

    Mac Jones and Zach Wilson, quarterbacks for the New England Patriots and New York Jets respectively, are rapidly improving before our eyes. These two quarterbacks are developing quickly and transforming into experienced NFL franchise quarterbacks with each passing week. Although they have faced challenges this season, they have also exhibited remarkable progress in the first six weeks.

    Mac Jones Leading the Pack

    Jones, the Patriots’ quarterback, is yet to win a home game this season, losing three out of their four home games. Despite the concern, all of the losses were against tough opponents, and the scores were close.Wilson, on the other hand, has shown flashes of brilliance that justify why he was drafted early by the Jets. However, he has also had rough performances, including throwing four interceptions in their previous matchup.This Sunday, these two quarterbacks will face each other again, with both teams vying for the division title. They aim to change the course of their respective team’s season.Jones expressed that he can only focus on his own performance and progress each day. He acknowledges that there are many talented quarterbacks in the league and believes he can play even better with more experience. His goal is to be the best player and teammate he can be, without comparing himself to others.

    Zach Wilson Looking to Even the Score

    Jones hasn’t won a lot of games yet, but he has been the most consistent rookie quarterback in the league. He’s the top rookie in passing yards with 1,472 and completion percentage with 71.1. His quarterback rating of 89.6 is also the highest among his fellow rookies.

    This Sunday, Wilson aims to break the Patriots’ 11-game winning streak in their series. The Jets last defeated the Patriots in 2015 with Ryan Fitzpatrick leading the charge. Wilson is also focused on improving his ball security, as he has thrown an interception in every game he has played so far. Despite facing criticism, Wilson has made significant progress and remains unfazed.

    “I believe in keeping things in perspective by understanding that each week is a stepping stone towards our goals,” Wilson said. “I just need to keep learning and approach plays and game situations with the right mindset. I can learn from the plays that didn’t go well and continue to improve week after week.”

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