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    NYPD Cops Fake ‘Poisoned’ Shake Shack Milkshakes

    NYPD Cops Continue to Break the People’s Trust

    Last week there were multiple reports of three NYPD cops being served ‘poisoned’ Shake Shack milkshakes. These reports were widely shared, even though they had yet to be proven. It turns out that these reports were false, and the employees had no part intentionally harming the police officers.

    What Actually Happened

    When the NYPD cops felt sick after drinking the ‘poisoned’ Shake Shack milkshakes, they immediately assumed that the employees were at fault. Instead of confronting the situation head-on they took to media outlets allowing the lies to spread. Police officers used this as an excuse to show why they can never let their guard down. Just look at what the tweet bellow has to say.

    'Poisoned' Shake Shack Milkshakes NYPD Cops
    Image via the NY Times

    It’s sad that these cops were so quick to make false assumptions and judgments when they are under such heat right now for this exact type of behavior. After surveillance of the restaurant was checked, it was clearly shown that no employees made ‘poisoned’ Shake Shack milkshakes for the NYPD cops. Instead, it was concluded that the police officers likely felt sick as the result of a cleaning product that is used for the blenders.

    Cops love to make quick judgments on people. The thought of innocent until proven guilty is not how police officers seem to think. Instead of attempting to get to the bottom of the situation, as they too often do, they assumed the worst and “feared for their safety”. When will cops stop playing the victim and realize they signed up for this job though?

    Final Thoughts

    Although it might seem dramatic to get fired up about these police officers’ false claims of being harmed, one must look at the bigger picture. Cops are far too often allowed to act above the law, while ordinary citizens are subject to cop’s bull sh*t judgments.

    What do you guys have to say though?

    Are you at all surprised by the NYPD cops’ false reports of being poisoned?  And what can be done to hold police officers more accountable for their quick judgments?

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