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    No. 17 Player In The Country Chloe Kitts “Bigger Guard” Movement

    Chloe Kitts, a talented upcoming senior, was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. She relocated to Oviedo, Florida, during high school. Chloe developed an interest in sports at a young age and fondly recalled her father, Jason Kitts, being a significant influence during her childhood. Her father introduced her to basketball at a young age, handing her a basketball and teaching her the game. Growing up in that environment, she naturally developed a passion for basketball and found inspiration in her father.

    “As a child, my dad gave me a basketball, and it became my passion from that moment on.”

    To reach Kitts’ skill level, one must be immersed in basketball daily. She acknowledges that she doesn’t have much of a social life. Basketball is a world of its own, offering Kitts opportunities to connect. She has made close friends, built relationships with teammates and coaches through the game.

    “I don’t have much of a social life,” Kitts admitted. “Basketball has become my main focus and social outlet. I spend most of my time on the court.”

    Kitts prioritizes basketball by attending school only on Mondays and Fridays. She’s ahead in her schoolwork, so it doesn’t impact her time on the court.

    What’s Next for Chloe Kitts?

    Currently, Kitts is the 17th-ranked player in the country, as per ESPNW. As a rising senior, Kitts has the freedom to choose from various locations to pursue college basketball. However, she still has a few goals to achieve before that. Along with being selected for the MaxPreps junior All-American team, she is particularly excited about winning a title for her high school. While Kitts desires to win the McDonald’s All-American award, it’s not the ultimate measure of success for her.

    “Although I would be thrilled to receive the McDonald’s All-American award, it wouldn’t overshadow my other achievements.”

    Lately, Arizona University has made it into her final six choices of schools she’s considering. When asked why she added Arizona to her list, Kitts replied:

    “I value my family a lot, and I have relatives in Arizona. I’ve developed strong connections with the coaching staff. Plus, I have great admiration for their program, and I’m eagerly looking forward to my visit.”

    “Bigger Guard” Movement

    In the past five to six years, there has been a change in the way guards play in women’s and men’s basketball. People have noticed an abundance of talented 6’6″ players who possess guard-like agility. This has caught the attention of coaches as it offers lineup flexibility and versatility. Moreover, this poses numerous challenges for opposing teams when devising their game strategies. With her height of 6’2″, Kitts belongs to the group of “bigger guards,” granting her advantages on the court that other players might not possess. Kitts can effortlessly score from anywhere on the court and is skilled in both offense and defense, including protecting the rim.

    She looks up to players like Breanna Stewart and Kevin Durant, incorporating elements of their game into her own. Although she is considered a prominent figure in the “bigger guard” movement, she remains humble. Kitts stated that while she strives to improve her skills and versatility every day, she does not consider herself the face of the movement. “I believe that title belongs to Breanna Stewart or Kevin Durant. I haven’t reached their level yet, but I hope others will continue to incorporate aspects of my game into theirs.”

    Kitts “Sh3GotGame Moment”

    Surprisingly, Kitts didn’t fully recognize her immense basketball talent until about a year ago. Despite others expressing their belief in her abilities, she didn’t personally embrace the hype. This reveals that even highly accomplished individuals have self-doubt, making her relatable. However, when she started training with the USA team and was chosen to represent her country, she began to realize her true potential. Additionally, despite being one of the youngest performers, she successfully earned her spot on the team. That’s when Kitts had her incredible “Sh3GotGame Moment.”

    Kitts started believing in herself and her abilities, which boosted her performance to new levels.

    “Being part of the USA 18 (U18) team taught me everything. It was the toughest competition I’ve ever faced. That’s when I realized I had what it takes.

    In moments of self-doubt, Kitts would reassure herself with the phrase, “Don’t worry.” It seems that Kitts tends to overanalyze situations, and she uses her favorite saying to stay grounded. This is important because during games, many athletes can become anxious if they don’t start off well. This “Don’t Trip” mindset has kept her grounded and influenced all areas of her life.


    Despite her young age, Kitts aspires to establish a legacy that extends beyond basketball. She dreams of making a significant impact by coaching young girls and giving back to the sport she loves. As well as, attempt to help change their lives for the better. 

    Finally, when asked if she had any advice for those who are following her journey, she replied:

    “Never listen to those who say what you can or cannot do. Take charge of your destiny, believe in your dreams, and never quit!”

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