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    New Video: “Thug Love” – Aaria (Co-Starring Trouble)

    Rising singer-songwriter Aaria is sure to become a household name upon the release of her much-awaited debut single, “Thug Love.” The record finds the R&B songstress celebrating love and the fiery passion that enveloped those relationships.

    Directed by Randy Thomas, the visual finds Aaria giving a new definition to the term thug love. Throughout the cut, she can be seen counting money with her respective partner, played by prominent Atlanta rapper Trouble, as they cruise in a bright orange drop-top.

    “’Thug Love’ is a really special record to me. Not only because it’s my first release, but it’s real. I wanted to sing about something real to me, something I actually connected with and knew others would too,” Aaria states about the record. “I’m very selective with men and not easily impressed. I don’t care how big your bag is, or what you say you can do for me; You gotta come with more than that. I’m looking for that trustworthy, humorous, understanding, genuine man. That THUG love.“

    Watch it above.


    Aaria by name, aria by nature. Hailing from Detroit by way of Trinidad, R&B singer Aaria
    has become the embodiment of what it means to be versatile in 2020 and beyond. As a performing artist, she taps into a rich tapestry of musical heritage and places it front and center stage for the world to embrace and experience.

    Aaria was heavily influenced by the sound of Motown and the spirit of the gospel greats. She went on to be trained in classical, musical theatre and jazz, affording the ability to hone her craft and create a sound that infuses the colorful worlds of pop and R&B. Aaria’s illustrious career is filled with themes of love, positive energy, universal truths, independence, and female empowerment run deep through her veins, providing the direction she requires in order to inspire and connect with her audience and their collective consciousness.

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