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    New Song: “Number 4” – 24hrs

    24hrs the newest single “Number 4,” 24 raps “you keep blowing’ up my number for?” as he goes through a list of sexual escapades with different partners from his past. The carefree rapper reminisces on his experiences with women and describes what he looks for in a woman, “I like bitches that get money, I guess I am picky.” 24hrs explains that although he enjoys the memories, he wants a relationship with no strings attached.

    Number 4 24hrs


    24hrs has taken the music world by storm in just two years. From a military family and raised in Atlanta, this melodic rapper blurs the line between hip-hop and modern R&B with a keen ear for collaboration. He has tens of millions of plays across Spotify and SoundCloud, with several seven-figure videos on YouTube. After two EPs and handfuls of singles, the brother of MadeinTYO releases Houses On The Hill on November 16. Executive produced by Ty Dolla $ign and Hit-Boy, the Private Club album nods to aspiration, success, and undying passion.
    “The artist known as Twenty faced slim odds of success in the industry but persevered to stay in it. After facing setbacks with major label contracts in his teenage years, he took a break to support his brother’s career. During this time, he reinvented himself by changing his appearance, refining his voice, and focusing on creating a new identity. Embracing a mysterious persona, he shared his music on SoundCloud, garnering attention from influential artists like Drake, XXXTentacion, and Yo Gotti. His calculated anonymity kept fans intrigued and led to collaborations and opportunities. Now in his mid-twenties, Twenty has the freedom to create his most authentic art. His projects like Open, Night Shift, and Houses On The Hill showcase his polished skills and ambition. As the founder/CEO of Private Club, he has found success with MadeinTYO and maintains a strong friendship and support system with his collaborator. With his tagline, ‘Twenty a boss, and Twenty ain’t trippin’,’ he continues to make his mark in the industry.”

    In his mid-twenties, Twenty is now able to create his most authentic art. His early projects, “Open” in 2016 and “Night Shift” in 2017, displayed a refined style. “Houses On The Hill” takes it to the next level. Taking inspiration from Ty Dolla’s 2011 project, 24hrs expanded the title to reflect his ambitious plans. “Twenty a boss, and Twenty ain’t trippin'” has become a recurring tagline in his songs. As the founder/CEO of Private Club, he has already achieved multi-platinum success with MadeinTYO. While working behind the scenes, 24hrs made significant creative and business decisions, applying his vision and industry knowledge in projects like “Sincerely, Tokyo.” TYO and Twenty are not just collaborators but also best friends who support each other unconditionally.

    24hrs may be proven a coach, but he is also still a captain on the field. Houses’ first single, the Lil Pump-featuring “Lie Detector” has more than 10 million Spotify streams. The album also features YG (on the Nivea-sampling “Don’t Mess” second single), PnB Rock, Smokepurpp, Moneybagg Yo, Ty, Vic Mensa, Dom Kennedy, as well as TYO. For Twenty, who has both history and plans with A&R’ing others, it is about building bold chemistry more than chasing waves. Few albums carry as diverse of a guest-list on single songs, let alone total personnel. “I’m young enough to get it, and old enough to know how it all works,” he says of his gift for envisioning a world where Dom, Vic, and Pump are all important, coexisting feature voices. Meanwhile, Grammy-winner Hit-Boy “Ni**as In Paris,” “Clique”) made 12 of the album’s 14 cuts.
    24hrs boldly reinvented himself, in a span that felt overnight. However, he is here to stay Houses On The Hill lays out a roadmap to where a self-made success story plans to lay claim.

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