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    My Hero Academia Season 4 is maybe its best yet

    The Journey to be the number 1 Hero is getting better.

    My Hero Academia season 4 has not stepped on its breaks yet. With 18 out of 25 episodes under its belt and 15 of them being extremely good. We are starting to see why My Hero Academia is a lot of people’s favorite anime.

    Where should I start?

    My Hero Academia Season-1

    MHA always had a great sense of storytelling, from when Deku got his powers to Bakugo being capture by the league of villains. These are all arcs that allow us to see our favorite student heroes grow and find out what kind of hero they want to be. The story does well to balance its characters after introducing us to so many. Each character outside of the protagonist, Deku, gets their own time to shine. The series steadily let us enjoy the action and dialogue, and we especially see that steady pace of character growth in season 4.

    Why Season 4?

    Season 4 is a rush, but in the right way. We are introduced to a villain name Overhaul who interests us with his genius and raw will to kill. Overhaul quirk is one of the best that the series introduced. He can disassemble and then reassemble anything he touches with his bare hands. The quirk can be used to heal, destroy, or combine him with other quirk users. The only way to stop him is to restrain his arms or for them to be cut off.
    My Hero Academia Season-2

    Overhaul takes the 6-year-old granddaughter of his Yakuza boss, Eri, and experiment on her because of her quirk. Eri has the power to rewind things to a certain point. Overhaul use Eri and her blood to invent a drug to remove quirks and another to bring them up. He wants to create a monopoly so that he can have enough power and movie to bring back the Yakuza. Not only do we see the fantastic animation and character growth of the hero’s and Eri, but we also see how to determine Overhaul is to complete his mission.

    The Heros!

    Season 4 not only brings us a great antagonist, but it also brings us new heroes; Fat-Gum can store up all the attacks (the fat appearance) he takes and dishes them back out to his enemies, Rock- Lock can lock things in so that they won’t move. Nighteye can accurately predict all of the target’s future moves and actions for an entire hour. We see new heroes and styles that draw us closer to the world of quirks. However, that’s not the best part.
    My Hero Academia Season-3
    We finally see what happens to Deku (Spoiler Alert) when he uses One for all at 100%. The downside is that he can only activate full power when Eri is attached to him… for now. Honestly, “My Hero Academia” season 4 is the best that the series has yet. Now, introducing Gentle Criminal, things are about to get a lot more interesting.

    With this arc of the series coming near to an end, fans who read the manga are patiently waiting for the climaxes in season 5. No, there has not been an announcement yet. But the way season 4 is going; I’m sure that there will be one.

    If you agree or don’t make sure to comment below and let us know why.

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