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    Music Producer Womatictracks Hustle, Turned Dreams To Success

    Music Producer Defining All Odds 

    “I didn’t want to be in someone else’s dream. I wanted to be the star in my own dream. – Womatictracks

    Womatictracks is making his name prominent in the music industry one record at a time. The Inglewood native is taking his production to another level and giving people a new taste in hopes of changing the sound of music. With his confidence and dreams of success, Womatictracks is making his way up.

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    The Inglewood producer has loved music from a young age, enjoying oldie classics with his mom and dad. Even rapping in the third grade, Womatictracks knew from the start that music was his passion. His unique rhythmic style has made a mark, and many can’t get enough of it— with a few inspirations like Quincy Jones and Kanye West.

    “The ignorance in our minds often allows us to think that there isn’t enough money for everyone to make, right?” Womatictracks opens up. “And every opportunity is going to present itself to you if you afford yourself by doing the work. So that’s how I live my life.”

    Worked With Top Artists Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign 

    The rapper-turned producer has worked with many talented artists from Nicki Minaj, Tyla Yaweh, and Ty Dolla $ign. Just recently, Womatictracks and co-producer Lil Siege contributed to 2 Chainz “Bet It Back” on his latest album, Don’t Sell Itself . As the new year has big things for the Inglewood producer, Womatictracks is creating a name for himself that is hard to beat.

    “But stepping out on my own you don’t really usually get Ws like this,” he explains. “I would tell everyone man that the truth of the matter is, man, put yourself first man, and watch everything line up.”

    Music producer Womatictracks has had the opportunity to collaborate with producer and a dear friend, Travis Marsh, on a new Atlantic Records, “Go Getter” off the album, SKI SZN . He had the chance to work along “Miles DeRozan,” the No.6 track on Sada Baby’s  Bartier Bounty 3, in which he collaborated with producer Lil Siege.

    Love What You Do

    “Sometimes you second guess yourself in this business and isn’t really accommodating for the morale,” he says. “So, when that happened, it really happened at the right time. And that’s how I know I’m in the right business, man. I’m doing what I love, and it always happens when you need it the most.”

    Aside from producing, Womatictracks uses his platform to inform and teach new artists about getting into the industry. Fans can check out the producer speak a bit of wisdom on his Instagram. With the mentality ready for whatever comes his way, Womatictracks is on his way to success. His attitude and hard work in the music game are unmatchable.

    “I want everyone to realize that you got it in you, man,” he shares. “You just got to believe the dream, man. I just understand this path is rough. Yeah, but you got to love it.”

    New Goals Arise 

    Womatictracks realized that the industry was not all about the money, and ever since he has been confidently passionate about his music. The Inglewood producer truly knew what he wanted to do on this earth. An innovator and a team player in his production, Womatictracks is eager to “make new waves of music and even stir up a tsunami.”

    The opportunities the producer has been given have shaped him into the person he is today, and he ultimately has been blessed to do what he truly loves. Womatictracks has big plans for the new year and collaborations with new artists that he can’t wait to share. Fans are in store for something great and it’s safe to say, this producer is turning his dreams into success.

    Be sure sure to follow him on Instagram & Twitter.


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