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    MSM Live: Pascoe Firebird

    Pascoe Firebird emerged on Hypefresh’s MSM Live last week performing his latest single “Lose Yourself” .

    His soulfully crafted vocals and musical talents lit up the room.

    Based out of Philadelphia, PA the soul crooner/guitarist is originally from Kingston, Jamaica, where he resided there until the age of 14.

    Pulling his musical influences from legendary artists such as James Brown, Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson, Boys II Men and Whitney Houston, his goal is set to inspire the world through his artistry and craft.

    In a brief discussion, the emerging artist himself states:

    “I want the world rocking to my rhythms… I want to inspire people to enhance themselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually… To be an inspiration for self-love and universal love.”

    You can follow Pascoe Firebird on Instagram: @PascoeFirebird and listen to his single Lose Yourself on Youtube.

    Check out this performance for yourself and be sure to keep it locked on Hypefresh for more MSM Live performing artists.

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