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    Miami Dolphins Fire Head Coach Brian Flores After Three Seasons

    console.log(Miami Dolphins fired former head coach Brian Flores after three seasons. The Dolphins owner, Stephen Ross, is a University of Michigan alumn. He treasures the Wolverines very much, the school and football program means a lot to him. Therefore, he’s not ready to shake up the program necessarily; however, Ross hinted rumors of interest at Michigan’s head coach Jim Harbaugh, who mentioned he was interested in the NFL again.

    console.log(Just hours after the firing of Flores, Ross mentions the team is approaching its upcoming coaching search with an “open mind” and has no candidates zeroed in on. console.log

    “I haven’t chosen a coach yet. We’ll carefully review and conduct interviews,” Ross said with a small chuckle. “I really admire Jim Harbaugh. He had a chance to join the Miami Dolphins in the past, but he’s currently at the University of Michigan. … That’s my alma mater, and I have a strong connection to it.”

    “I won’t be the one to lure Jim Harbaugh away from the University of Michigan. I hope he remains there because he’s an excellent coach.”

    Ross plans for the Miami Dolphins after the firing of Flores

    //console.log(Although Ross let Flores go, //console.log(he still praises the team he’s built-in Miami. To be fair, the general manager of the Miami Dolphins Chris Grier help assemble, as well. Ross did criticize the communication the Dolphins presents at an organizational level, according to ESPN. Grier has been with the Dolphins for six years and plans to return next year for his seventh.

    console.log(Apparently, the culture of the Dolphins was the leading factor in the firing of Flores. The Dolphins struggled to display any form of continuity within the three seasons Flores coached. Over the course of three seasons, they went through four offensive coordinators, two defensive coordinators, and four offensive line coaches.

    “I’ve been observing this for three years and witnessing the growth of the organization,” stated Ross. “In my view, an organization can only thrive when it operates collaboratively and functions harmoniously. Unfortunately, we weren’t functioning optimally as a cohesive unit, which is crucial for consistent success at the NFL level.”

    Miami’s expectations for next year

    Miami was anticipated to contend for the AFC East title in 2021 following a 10-6 season without making the playoffs in 2020. However, injuries affected the team, and although they won their opening game, they went on to lose seven games in a row. The Dolphins’ response was unpredictable. They countered the seven-game losing streak with a seven-game winning streak but narrowly missed out on the playoffs once again.

    The Dolphins’ winning streak reached its peak before they faced the Tennessee Titans, who dominated them and ended their playoff hopes for the fifth consecutive season. The Dolphins had expressed interest in trading for Deshaun Watson during the offseason, which might have created an awkward situation in the locker room. However, Grier dismissed these rumors before the trade deadline.

    “I have full confidence in Tua, and I believe the next head coach will collaborate with him or any other player,” expressed Ross. “But I trust him wholeheartedly. I’ve witnessed his growth. He’s a remarkable young man, and he’s our quarterback.”

    “The upcoming coach will determine whether to move on or stick with Tua,” emphasizes Ross. He firmly believes that Tua is their quarterback and could be the foundation for the Dolphins’ future.

    Flores stats as a head coach and future landing spots

    According to Adam Schefter, Flores becomes the fourth Dolphins coach to achieve two winning seasons in his initial three years. Despite his dismissal, Flores is anticipated to be a highly sought-after head coach candidate in the future. Ross is confident that Flores will reemerge as an NFL head coach. Flores finished with a 24-25 record during his tenure with the Dolphins, notably boasting a 4-2 record against Bill Belichick.

    ESPN reports that Flores expressed gratitude to the Dolphins for the opportunity to serve as head coach.

    “I am most grateful for the players, coaches, and support staff who gave their all every day to secure our victories. They deserve recognition for any on-field success, and it was a privilege for me to work alongside them daily. I have always believed that leadership is fundamentally about serving others, and I made every effort to serve the players, staff, and organization to the best of my ability. I hold firm belief in this team and will forever cherish the relationships my family and I cultivated here,” he stated.


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