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    Meek Mill laughed at for trying to high road Ye


    Random white person- “Why are you wearing a shirt that says Black Lives Matter??” 

    Random black person- “Because they do…”


    Random black person- “Why are you wearing a shirt that says White Lives Matter??”

    Kanye- “Because they do…”

    I never expected history to repeat itself like this

    At this point, the words controversy and headlines seem like just another way of pronouncing the name Kanye West. A couple months ago, Kanye attended the Paris fashion week while wearing a “white lives matter”’ shirt. To the surprise of no one, the shirt sparked controversy and backlash immediately. Since then the rapper has received much negativity from members of the black community, with a few black celebrities voicing their opinion on the matter.

    Sorry I can’t apologize

    Ye has no remorse for his actions, and part of his frustration stems from how “his people” were nowhere to be found when he needed their support, but they are extremely easy to find when he says or does something that they don’t agree with. Not only has it been hard for Kanye to find support among his community in the past, but it’s also hard to find other rappers receiving backlash for the genuine negativity that they are promoting. Since its creation, much (if not most) of hip hop has been heavily centered around detrimental subject matter like gun violence, other violent crimes, drug dealing, spending money on unnecessary overpriced items, “killing the opps” and so on. Yet for some reason, the voices in opposition of these negatively impactful rappers are much harder to hear than the voices that oppose a shirt that says White Lives Matter. In response to Kanye’s shirt, someone said “let’s get Meek Mill” to talk some sense into Ye. The mere thought of Meek Mill, a prime example of a rapper that promotes negativity like homicide and gun violence, trying to preach about anything made Kanye laugh to the point of tears.

    Though it may seem like Kanye’s ego may be too far gone at this point, Meek Mill is one of the last people that can get through to West. The two have since thrown shade and dissed each other on social media.

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