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    Maxine McNair, Last Mother of The Four Little Girls Dead At 93

    Maxine McNairMaxine McNair, the last mother of one of the four little girls passed away in Birmingham at the age of 93, according to Alabama News. 

    “Birmingham, the world is watching.” A notable quote by the late Dr. Martin Luther King written in his exposition, “Letter From Birmingham Jail.” The people of Birmingham witnessed one the most catastrophic events in history. On September 15, 1963 the church bombing of 16th Baptist Street Church, assassinated four little girls, shaking the nation.

    Denise McNair(11), Cynthia Dionne Wesley(14), Addie Mae Collins(14), Carole Rosamond Robertson(14) would fall victim the racist wiles of the Jim Crow Birmingham society.

    A time bomb planted under the staircase detonated, killing the four girls in the downstairs basement of the church. Nevertheless, the fifth girl survived the heinous attack, escaping with a blinded eye.

    According to Black Enterprise, the mother of Denise McNair passes away on January 2, 2022. She is the last surviving parent, of one of the girls of the slain quad.

    Maxine’s Impact On The City Of Birmingham

    Mrs. Maxine McNair continues her legacy, leaving an everlasting mark on the Black community of Birmingham. She holds the reputation of being a wonderful wife and mother, an educator, and pillar of her community. She has educated thousands. As a result of her steadfast journey, Mrs. McNair furthermore continued her stance for equality and freedom in Birmingham, even after death.

    Birmingham And Its History Of Racial Psychological Scars

    Iron City, a beautiful city with a population of 69.85 percent of African American people, is constantly reminded of Birmingham’s toil with racism, classism and capitalism. Though the church bombing is one year shy of turning 60, black people now face economic violence versus physical violence; for example, the paying of Amazon workers $7 an hour and are robbed of the opportunity to unionize. The world indeed is watching Birmingham, still. Thankfully, staples like Maxine McNair proved that love and unity in spite of, conquers all.


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